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Found this article on cc laws in a suburb of Chicago!
As you can see by the comments of the locals, opinions do vary. What are your thoughts?


That’s a Huge if true. Illinois?


@Jesse Yes Orland Park, Illinois


Yes… we have also wise people seating in Village Boards in Illinois… :muscle:


Great post. Appreciate it. The context of that article, to me, is some good news. Not sure if any other cities offer such lenience when it comes to violating “Prohibited” signs. Personally, I wish businesses and stores could not post them.

I disagree with that articles author’s choice of words in her title, in that in can make one think it’s legal to carry in a business with “Prohibited” sign, at least in that region; As the article points, the person can still be fined, and the officers can still decide to push it to state offense. Gratitude for her writing the article though.

But I admire that city’s leniency and look forward to visiting there again. Did once before and the early mornings in the summer are incredibly beautiful there.

State law & Penalties if in violation:


Awesome! It’s refreshing to see some good news for a change, as we’re drowning in negative news these days. Thanks for the post. Hopefully, this will set a precedence for others.


Doesn’t this just change an existing village law? It’s my impression that the previous local law was onerous.

“I think the state law is just fine,” Pearson said. “They should really just comply with the state law, and they don’t have to worry about a thing.” ~ Richard Pearson, executive director Illinois State Rifle Association

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This is a good start but, I disagree with them leaving it in the hands of the LEO’s there. I am not playing the race card but it would be wrong not to address the fact that peoples of Black or Brown skin do not get the same treatment as our White brothers and sisters in Illinois by some LEO’s. I lived in Chicago for most of my life and visit most of the suburbs there, I only lived in Tennessee for about 6 years and I have never yet been treated badly by any LEO’s here, when all I have to do in Illinois by LEO’s is to go to or from work or take a walk to the store. I do not trust many LEO’s in Illinois. I do pray it go good for all as it does here in Tennessee.

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