New Orleans Man Has Truck Stolen Out Of His Driveway


The first flag should have been the hoods and masks. :thinking: Things that make you go. Hmmmmmmm!


WOW!!! :scream:

Good point about always carrying even in your yard. However I’m always suspicious. I prefer go inside if I see people walking down the street. Three young men that I’ve never seen before Id keep my eyes on them while preparing for the worst. It sounds like profiling but the victim looks Asian and the boys are black. That’s been happening a like over the past year. We have more Asians in my neighborhood than black families. Our neighborhood starting experiencing a higher crime rate ever since the New Orleans/Katrina folks were shipped in. They decided Texas was a great place and stayed. I just hope the neighborhood doesn’t go south like the previous neighborhood we moved away from. I don’t deal with that kind of racism well. It has something to do with my PTSD.


The full video unedited, no commentary…

And yes, the man was Asian American…

New Orleans East man describes being ambushed and carjacked in broad daylight

As for the masks, if this were pre-2020, what would you have done if three guys wearing masks were walking slowly by? But these days? Thank you COVID, thank you CDC.


The man didn’t have a chance. Even if he had been armed he didn’t have enough time to respond to three different armed assailants.

Notice the school bus that passed. This probably indicates school traffic. Just interesting. At least some people came to his aid. That’s really bold of those young men. They’re definitely headed for a life of in and out of prison if not for life.


Nice of the news video to tell everyone they had ‘machine guns’. I guess pistols wouldn’t create enough fear.


Would’ve hated to be in that situation.

Hoping someone drawing back on them and showing a firearm would be enough to make them backtrack. But if they didn’t, are they even holding real guns? Do I wait until fired upon?

That happened quite quick and with three assailants armed, that was a very difficult situation, even if armed.

I don’t see race as the issue.

So, those from NO are “Asians”, whatever that descriptor is supposed to mean. How many different nationalities and races are there in Asia, again?

That kind? I don’t appreciate any kind.

When I do front yard work, I’m outside the house.
When do I conceal carry? When I’m outside the house.

Also, it’s convenient for me to leave the garage door open. Another reason I carry.

Situational awareness.

Had he been carrying, he had the truck for cover and would’ve had a chance—slim or not, it’s debatable—if he decided to engage.

It’s a matter of life or death with guns pointed at him. Clear self-defense situation.

Would I engage? Time will tell but I hope I don’t find out. I’m not Chuck Norris.

Again, situational awareness. Perhaps, just acknowledging their presence (‘sup?”) would give the thugs a reason to change their mind and move along to their next target. In which case, I would call the local PD’s non-emergency number to report suspicious persons.


Three guns against one. The odds are not in your favor especially since they already had the draw while aiming.

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Bad situation. Firearms real or not? No way to tell. If armed he had a chance. If fired upon sometimes thieves run. Hard call for sure. Happens way to quick.


Kobayashi Maru scenario in real life. The guy is blessed to still be alive.

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Prime example why SITUATIONAL AWARENESS should be trained and practiced. He could have seen threat before coming into proximity and waited to go to his vehicle and/or already had his weapon in hand. (this mainly applies to home defense) I once heard the phrase “if you feel a situation is already in motion, don’t wait to get or be ready”

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