New membership perks

So this type of thing seems to happen to me quite often when I start a new membership to something. A short time after I sign up they change the membership bonuses to something better than a sticker! Now USCCA offers all kinds of goodies for the platinum membership I signed up for just a month ago.

Ok, I’m done whining. :sob: Now back to your regularly scheduled program already in progress…


@Smitty5150 If you would ever have the need for a USCCA attorney you will be paid back 100 Fold, those insignificant trinkets you receive would be nothing if you didn’t have any attorney or did not have USCCA and were to have to go in real debt or lose your house, lose your job, lose everything from a lawsuit against you just because you did the right thing Sir.


I just wish there was an instructor closer than 2 hours away from Cookeville, Tn. The peace of mind I have if worst case happens is plenty.


I know, you are 100% correct. I deeply appreciate what this service provides and I hope I never have to take advantage of it! In my line of work, diesel mechanic, we get freebies or trinkets all the time and I have become a bit of a pack rat, lol

I was just pointing out my lack of luck with those trinkets that occurs sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand Mr. Smitty


@Smitty5150 I think that every time I see the knife…

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