New Firearm Owners Purchasing Experiences

There has been a large increase in firearm sales over the last few months. Many of these sales have been first-time firearm purchasers.

What feedback have you heard from new firearm owners about the process of purchasing a firearm?


It was easy for me


Welcome to the community @Saraette!!

Just curious, what State did you purchase it in?

At the range, I haven’t heard any comments regarding issues with the purchasing of fire arms by new firearms owners…just lots of questions of getting started shooting.


Disbelief that it took so long with all the paperwork involved, compared to purchasing back about 40 years ago of cash ‘n carry.

Then further realizing they’ll have to go through the process every time they want to make another purchase


I recently accompanied a friend for his first firearm purchase. The most difficult/time consuming part of the process was deciding which one of two he wanted to get.


How hard it was to find ammo?


In California finding out that a pistol or revolver that is not on the approved firearms safety list is one that you can’t have. All the hoops to jump through in California , 10 day wait, ect. I moved out of the state and pleasantly surprised how much easier it is to purchase in my new state.


Big issue ammo! Just yesterday, was at a local farm store and run into a young man with one of our adopted sons. They had been all over town looking for 9mm. I think the young 23 yo name is JJ, he asks me how much ammo I have. Shows me his new firearm, T name I think G2. Same conversation…as he tried to hand it to me…“could you please unload and show clear?” Deer in the headlights look from JJ. He had to listen to my spiel and go over rules of safety, BEFORE ammo questions. Ammo question? Yes we have enough ammo that would scare most people. Yes, I will donate some to you as he wanted to shoot on our range. JJ also served 4 years in the Army.


Right before the pandemic hit, I was at Field and Stream (yes I know they are owned by Dicks, but ammo needs > than punishing Dicks atm). I bought about 1800 rounds of Winchester .45 ACP for $180 dollars.

Skip ahead to last Tuesday guy has been going all over town to find .45 and can’t find any. So as he is leaving store, I ask him if he was looking for .45 ammo and he said yes he was on way to friends and they were going to shoot his friends .45. So I gave him a box of .45 and told him to have fun.


Del…All the Cali’s from Sacramento rush to Reno to purchase…etc!!! Del, I see you were born in Idaho and plan to head back. if you get near Pocatello, look us up and come and shoot with us!!!


I am back. Been back in Lewiston for 9 months now and loving it. I may be down there later this year. I have friends coming thru from Cali headed to Sturgis in August to crash at my house for a couple of days. My neighbors are going to be so pleased with me. Thank god I don’t have an HOA to deal with here.


@Saraette- Welcome to the forum and pleased to have you here. Mike. :sunglasses:

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Ah, a “freedom loving State”…helps explain the ease of process, lol.

I know NICS is Federal, but I was just curious if States, like IL, CA, NY etc were having even more challenges due to the additional administrative hoops. (I’m guessing yes, but that’s just a guess).

I can only speak to California but big time hoops there. I moved back to a Free state about 9 months ago and really am enjoying it.