New Experience at the Gym - Blind Man

Today at the IMMA Gym a guy walked in, folded up his White Cane, Wrapped his hands puts on 16oz gloves and walked over to bag row. Sep took the guy by the shoulders put him square in front of a long bag (hangs almost to the floor). The guy reached out with both hands sized up the bag, squats down running his hands down the length of the bag, stands up and goes off on the bag. He was actually pretty freakin good. I suspect he wasn’t “dark” blind, maybe he could make out shapes dark/light, I dunno, but he was pretty impressive. Goes to show, step over your limitations and the skies the limit.


A former best friend back in HS//college,hiking buddy,motorcycling partner,no limits,was totally blind straight ahead with 20/400 peripheral. He never did lead the pack :sunglasses: but never crashed either. Benefit included being able to roll joints in the dark :sunglasses:
As a kid, I remember going to drop off broken appliances with my mom to a guy who was blind and repaired appliances in his garage. He’d go from his house to the garage,about 50’,find the doorknob real quick,go inside and turn on a light…for our benefit. Another one of those memories I’ll never forget.