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A good instructor should be partial to what fits someone’s hand best :slight_smile: Just sayin’ :wink:
And BTW @Dawn… this Glock Girl bought a Sig yesterday :smiley:
(ok, I also bought a Glock, but I needed a .22 for teaching with and the Sig filled the bill exactly)


I would push you away from any instructor that is pushing you towards any make, model etc that you are not 100% comfortable with especially if they are selling firearms.

There are reasons to like Glocks. There are reasons not to like Glocks.

There are also many reasons why any given model or make is not going to be appropriate for a given shooter and that’s all that should matter.


I was at the range since then with my mom for some mother daughter shooting time and he was there. Since I’m extremely proud of “Charlie”, I HAD to show it off. My instructor told me it’s a good gun. Since then, on my birthday, I had a lesson with him and we worked on my accuracy and draw. And, because it was my 45th Birthday, he let me fire one of his 1911 45mm pistols. I’m not a fan of the 1911, but it was a nice gun, though I thought it was kind of funny that it’s smaller than my Canik, but heavier and holds fewer rounds. BTW, “Charlie” is a Canik TP9SFX. He can shoot his mouth off 21 times without having to take a breath (reload) since I keep 1 “word” in his throat. :wink: Since I also keep his spare vocabulary with me, that’s a total of 41 words he can say. :-):grinning:


Excellent advice, Zee.

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Hi Dawn.

By all means, find the gun that fits you. Absolutely do not buy into someone telling you that you “need” this or that gun. I know a woman who bought a Ruger LC9. She shot it once at the range and it was so unpleasant she never shot it again but still kept it in her car all the time as her EDC. She had purchased it as protection against her Ex and someone had told her it was the right gun for her. Consequently when her Ex ran her off the road one night and drug her out of the car to abuse her, she never even thought of drawing her gun to protect herself even though it was close at hand. Fortunately she survived. I told her to get rid of it and find a gun that she enjoyed shooting and felt confident with.

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What’s funny is my lady shoots the 92fs like a skilled marksman but doesn’t like it , I don’t know why feel or some other reason. I have different hand guns wether double single, striker fired or single action I like the double strike capability of say a Taurus$,berretta $$or H&k $$$. First it should feel just right and you should not be pressured into a fad then train train train with it know it inside and out then train some more , you want to work on being proficient with your firearm. I have 14 years of firearms background I consider myself an advanced beginner that’s it I’m new and I always have room for improvement shooting is a perishable skill

Always shop with comfidence and take your time. Consider how well you can place your proper hand position to allow proper functioning of handgun mechanisms such as the magazine release (semi-automatic) etc. I would say to look at the compact Glock, Kimber, or Smith and Wesson M&P Shield pistols, and of course they carry the two popular caliber versions of the 9mm round or the 45 ACP caliber. Happy shopping.

I would try the M&P Shield 9mm or the Glock 43 there are several more but try them at the range.

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