New ad from Daniel Defense targeted to voters in Georgia for the last to Senate seats

God Georgia please get it right in this Senatorial Elections.


Is this a political discussion?
@ToddN says we aren’t supposed to discuss politics.

But he’s tending to sphincter for @Virgil_H and @Kevin29 in order to help the moderators out.
Best be careful or you might find him up your sphincter too…


Oh no, a poorly crafted gay joke. How ever will I make it through the day? Do better Greg, do better.

Are all proctologist gay?

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Daniel Defense vs Dominion Device (allegedly in every GA county). Can same thing happen as did on Nov 3rd? Why wouldnt it happen…

Did they change the system, the machines, the mail in ballots?

I notice ToddN immediately went to the ‘gay’ category … similar to other leftists who immediately attack with ‘racist’.

Surprised he came to the thread… with a political theme in the subject line… .‘voters’


Those on the Left who have become gun owners and 2A supporters still vote for those who want to take their guns away and do away with the 2A.

They shoot themselves in the foot (and the rest of us in the back) just to spite Republicans. They cannot be trusted.


It seems that ToddN is one of those who gets special dispensation from the moderators.


Would it matter? The result is ready…they just have to wait until after voting to release it. :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing calls for GOA and door to door on weekends in GA. for GOA as well. I am cautiously optimistic. But scared as well.


I know it was a commercial but just hearing it made me cringe! And yet, this is where we are… A couple months away from this being a reality. :rage: This can’t be America. We’ve been warned by Australians & the British… Don’t let them disarm you because you will never get that RIGHT back! :loudspeaker:

On another note, if I only get to buy one more rifle, it will be a Daniel Defense. There’s 1 problem though… The model I want is accompanied by a common phrase: OUT OF STOCK 🤦🏾


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A frequent problem for their most-wanted models, especially during the 'Rona. Talk to your LGS and see if they can get it through a distributor, and keep an eye on online retailers like, gunbuyer, etc (I think there is a thread around here with more) and sign up for email notices too. They may also have used ones. There are regular firearm stores like Brownells, MidwayUSA, Palmetto State Armory, etc that may carry Daniel Defense too, and sign up there for notices if not in stock. Eventually they will come back into stock somewhere.


How should we not discuss politics? The right to self-defense and owning, selling, buying, giving, and using weapons is related to the law.
We need to be polite and decent. Then we need to accept the moderators’ opinions.
As I said on another thread, please pray for proper election in Georgia this coming Tuesday and encourage Georgian friends to vote. Many rights hinge on this!!

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Mine was out of stock for like 8 months. I caught it in stock at like 2:00 a.m. raced and grabbed cc and I flew through getting it entered. Got the last one of that run.