Nevada "ghost gun" law(s)

Trying to find out if the Nevada “ghost gun” law(s) is being enforced. I understand it has been held up in state court on grounds of certain sections being unconstitutional. If it is not being enforced would it be legal to own one? Polymer 80 continues to ship kits to Nevada. I’m sitting on the fence here. Appreciate any feedback.


I had all my firearms blessed by a shaman to make sure they didn’t have any ghosts.
I don’t know if that’ll fly in Nevada.


Enforced or not, i would not risk it. It is just not worth it sir.


I haven’t heard anything new, just from Aug 2022.
On August 10, 2022, the Superior Court for the District of Columbia ruled that Polymer80 handgun frames, lower receivers, Buy, Build, Shoot kits and any comparable products are illegal to purchase and possess in the District of Columbia under District of Columbia law.

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Legal - Polymer80

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Seriously, we are considering the laws, at this point who gives a S#$t!
Give me two good reasons why we should abide by any law written or oral.
We’re about to be invaded by a foreign force and we’re worried about a defunded nation of drag queens :question:As far as I know the liberals burnt the Constitution, it doesn’t exist, if it did, we wouldn’t be worried about ghosts!
I should start drinking tomorrow, I don’t drink, but I’m seriously thinking about it!

I’m not condoning breaking the “law” but it is, after all a GHOST!

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IDK, but in the state I reside in, they recently passed a similar law.

I found a firearm which I liked, but was so old, it didn’t have a serial number. I was thinking it was one of the accepted exceptions, but my local FFL shipped it back to the seller; I ended up having to pay the extra shipping and restocking fees.

It was an issue of when it was manufactured. I found that it was older, but my FFL found it was old/aged enough, thus fell into a very new ghost gun law.

However, If it’s already in my possession, “if” it’s a specific age, I’m allowed to have an FFL Gun Smith to engrave a serial number on it; Then I’d be legal. I imagine each state’s laws differ.

In my state, there are arguments in court about “unconstitutional” matters. I’m grateful for such standing up for our rights, and to some of the sheriffs who don’t treat us as dangerous criminals.

However, if my own case ever got to court, I’d be afraid of the penalties. Hence, for me, I wanna be more careful. Call me chicken, I don’t care. I’ll fight for our rights, more power to you all, but I need be smart about it, got a family to take care of.

Stay safe.

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You’ve answered my question. Quite eloquently at that. Thanx.

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Your FFL is a d*ck. A firearm legally manufactured before the serial number requirement became law (Federal Firearm Act of 1968) is legal to own/ship/shoot.



Wrong vowel.

Very Nice!

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