Neighbors from Hell

I luck out, most of my neighbors are pretty awesome. Some aren’t, but they keep to themselves and I keep to myself if there’s no reason to interact. If we do interact it’s always as polite and friendly as possible.

Here’s an older blog about some terrible neighbors.

What that family went through is not right - in my opinion. They reported it to the police, tried to get a restraining order, but it didn’t stop the taunts and threats.

How else could you handle this situation?

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Woodward will spend the rest of his life in prison while the police and judge who are largely responsible for what followed will never face liability civilly or criminally.

If you ever find yourself in this kind of living hell, move.


So the article is lite on facts and heavy on emotion. What happened and how did the confrontation come to pass?



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I lived next door to some neighbors from hell. They sold drugs from their house, all kinds of stuff, police would not help. Luckily, besides a few pranks I played on them, I moved before it escalated beyond mere pranks.

Possibly a lot of cameras with sound and a good lawyer might work, but then you still live next to them… Best to move.


I hate to say the easiest way to resolve this is by moving away from the problem. Not a good answer, but an answer that doesn’t get anyone killed or imprisoned.


It’s frustrating and not shocking to hear yet again a bench officer who has failed and disgraced our justice system. Law enforcement that is caught in what is determined in these matters as civil since no crime was committed per the law books.

Attempting to seek a restraining order only to be cast out as wasting the time of LE and the court. Painfully I’d have to agree that moving is the only recourse.

Personally I’ve had great neighbors just about all my life some better some could have been better. The saying good fences make good neighbors is more than a physical barrier of material, it takes two to tango so a good mindset will go far.

Yet in this instance I feel it was a bit much, especially with what was said of his daughter. Yet if you lose it then all is sadly lost.

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Not passing any blame but you absolutely have to keep a level head at all times. Yes moving would be a solution but claiming yourself to be a warrior on tape is not the best move. Everything we type and or record can come back no matter how justified it is. It could show intent. One of the instructors I like beat teaches you to yell “STOP” nothing more nothing less.

I would have filed a report till my hand cramped. However I would’ve quietly taken the threats seriously and recorded them. But I would never brag or wish that anything ever happened. I believe in a quiet confidence those are the dangerous guys. They don’t need to say anything they know

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Well, having had the neighbors from hell, including repeated harassing calls to the police against us, repeated building code violation and city ordinance violation reports (none of which resulted in anything), having my students stopped and harassed on their way in to my house for dance lessons, and having been SWATted… we moved.


Ignore them. They will either stop or get angry enough to come to me. I was bullied the whole time I was young, punks are all the same. Age is irrelevant.


Had a good friend in a similar situation. He wife and daughter had repeatedly been threatened, calls to police resulted in the character being picked up and then released with 48 hours and it would all happen again. My suggestion to him was to sell out and move-it took months and he was miserable and worried the entire time but he finally got his place sold and moved two months ago. Tells me he feels like the weight of the world is off his shoulders. (And yes, my friend is a gun owner and kept himself and his wife armed. He did not want to hurt anyone and was sincerely afraid he was going to have to kill the idiot who was harassing and threatening them).


Sadly there comes a point where that is your only legal option. It may even end up being a net loss for you financially but it beats constantly being miserable and the risk of a conflict quickly escalating to a physical or deadly level.

In many cases the bad actors effectively have more rights than we do.


My friend lost about $10 k on the deal and still is confident it’s the best thing he ever did.


I agree but there still is the real possibility this guy had ptsd and may not have been able to keep a quiet confidence.

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As much as it would hurt me financially, I’d move.

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