Need suggestions for a tactical belt

Interesting. I tried one of the double belts with velcro, did not like it at all. If you get this, let me know how it works.

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Have the Kore essentials. Not bad. Certainly doesn’t glide through the loops. The ratchet is nice but I’m spongy enough to be fine with 1" adjustments.
I like a good quality leather belt and have gone back to my

because they are awesome. We all deserve more awesome in our lives.

After browsing this thread, those Hank’s Belts appear equally awesome. I think need a brown one now.

Tried NexBelt, love it. :+1:

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Sorry this isn’t a direct answer. However, I’ve found it best to keep a spare on hand….when u replace this one, if u like wat ya get, buy a backup in six months…just how I do it by I once only owned one belt that would hold my stuff, it broke = I was unarmed for a week awaiting a repair since there’s not really local places that carry wat I demand.
That said, I buy from gun