Need help to find a scope for a J.C. Higgins 31 rifle

Does anyone know what scope and/or mounting kit can be used for the J.C. Higgins 31 rifle? Just brought one today, did a test fire, and now waiting for the 3 day waiting period. Since it can hold 17 rounds of 22lr it is my new “assault” rifle.


Here is one option. The Mod. 60 has the same narrow rail. :us:



  1. RWS Lock Down Scope Mount with Integral 1" Rings Rimfire and Airgun Gloss
    RWS Lock Down Scope Mount with Integral 1" Rings Rimfire and Airgun Gloss

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I hope this helps.


Hi Fortune Cookie. See a lot of your thoughtful YouTube videos on various shooting topics. Seems we have lots of the same interests. Thanks for putting in all the hours helping people.
I do have a question about this video. Having myself several M60 Marlin variants (including the actual Model 60 itself). I also own a J.C. Higgins 29, 30 and 31. The mounting dovetail on my J.C. Higgins rifles is narrower than your standard 3/8” dovetail, found on my Marlin rifles. A standard 3/8” dovetail mount is actually never going to work at all on those J.C. Higgins models. I tried one of those mounts like you show in your video on my J.C. Higgins rifles and it is too big to fit the dovetail. I have not experienced the loose fit of normal 3/8” dovetailed mounts on my Marlin rifles either. My intent is for sure not to start an argument as that’s not the way I “roll”. One of my J.C. Higgins rifles came with a small diameter tube scope already mounted and it fits just fine.

Those rifles are one of the most stylish semi-auto .22’s out there if you ask me. If that mount actually fits a J.C. Higgins M29, 30 or 31 rifle, I would like to know. Just about every J.C. Higgins owner would like to know. These rifles were made by Hi-Standard but the “real” Hi-Standard company went out of business a long while ago. So, once again, not trying to start an argument but have been on a fact finding mission to find a reasonably priced mount to fit mine and a friend’s J.C. Higgins rifles going on 5-years now.

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@Calvin34 Welcome to our community, we are glad t have you with us. :slightly_smiling_face:
P.S. This is why I only buy and shoot Ruger 10-22s. :+1:

Welcome to the family brother @Calvin34 and you are in the right place at the right time.

I found mounts that work at Second Amendment Sports, Warne Maxima 722M

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