NCCA - Is it legit? National Conceal Carry Association

I was looking into the offers at the NCCA / TACXPROGEAR. I was surprised at the prices but, I was concerned on the descriptions. So, I am kind of weary about the site.
Stern Def. Barrel .45acp 16.1" - .578-28" 1:16 Melonite Ar-15

Stern Defense




Width:4.00 (in) ?
Height:4.05 (in) ?
Depth:28.45 (in) ?

The whole site is like this, it is very confusing! I ordered targets from them for only the shipping charges. I will let ya;all know how it goes. Pf you know anything about them let me know,… PLEASE!


I googled the site and it seems legit. It’s all about conceal carry goods and other firearms accessories. First time I hear of it and never ordered anything from them. It’s even advertising ammo.

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As I looked for ammo it did not have a selection from what I checked. “There are no products listed under this category.” Full metal Jacket bullets


It has an offer to get onto there mailing list under Stern Defense. I don’t know @Todd30 and not to many responses from others in the community.

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They offered me the option to be an ambassador. We brought a few items from them, we began to be spammed by several other vendors sponsored by them. Those vendors didn’t have items in stock for weeks and months. So they would showcase items, take your money but then not have the items in stock. I’m not into doing that type of business so we severed the “membership”. I think that is fraud. It happened with several items purchased through them and their vendors. Even customer service told us the business creates orders and cannot fulfill them quickly, if at all.

We kept the membership 3 months.


Thanks, I see they have a huge list of stuff but, nothing was available too!