NC: Repeal of Jim Crow Pistol Purchase Permit (Bill reintroduced 1/31/2023)

The bill was reintroduced in the North Carolina state senate as S40.

The same legislation passed last session in both houses, but it was vetoed by Klansman Kooper.

This year, with Republicans now having a senate supermajority and being one shy of a house supermajority, a veto override is very much achievable, but we need to put the pressure on.

Contact your state senator preemptively urging support for this when it hits the senate floor (it’s in Rules committee right now). When an equivalent “partner” bill is introduced in the state house, contact your state representative, too.

If this passes and overrides the veto, citizens will no longer be prosecuted for failing to bribe the sheriff five bucks and get his permission before purchasing a handgun.