NASA Director Swears Oath on Carl Sagan Book Instead of Bible

She could have used US Constitution if the Bible is not an acceptable choice, this is mockery.
Sigh, good bye hard science, hello doxy, PC and ideology. Expect NASA to hire more cretins and loose its attractiveness to bright kids.


Not a surprise if you recall during the Obama years NASA was tasked to investigate racism and diversity? I guess if they were studying this on the moon it might have made some sense. Fundamentally she is just another lib who will use her budget to expand the stupidity of wokism and diversity!


In all fairness Bill Nelson is a complete moron and was nothing more than a yes vote for the democraps

Maybe that is her bible. This is America.

As in Mother Earth, worshipping Gaia, the goddess, etc.? Believable. Though this belongs in high school wiccan club, NASA is supposed to be more serious.


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I mean, I kind of get it. Science and scientists, and all that. Freedom of religion, etc.

Chromosomes rule
Pronouns drool

That, my friends, is actual Science!


All the same lol

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