My protest to President Biden

I went ahead and was getting dog food for my dog, while walking into Rural King. Went over to the gun section and BOOM! GLOCK 17 I was interested in. Came back in a few days later and checked the gun out and the only one they had was the display one.

I bought it brought it home it came with 3 17 round mags, they’ll be nice to have until Biden bans them. Now it’s time to look into a light, I’m thinking of the TLR-7 and having it as my home defense gun. But after picking it up, and feeling the difference between that and my Glock 43 it makes the Glock 43 like how the iPhone 5 feels after you just got a iPhone 6+. But I’m still thinking about keeping the 43 as my carry gun and the 17 as a master gun.

What do you guys think?

What are some of your favorite gun purchases?


name your 2 guns “night” and “day”, because the difference between a 43 and a 17 is exactly that.
My favorites…M1A Scout, told myself I couldn’t afford it…but when I saw one and held it (Dec. 30, 2016), I kind of squeaked out an “I’ll take it”, the store owner verified what I said, I nodded, the store went silent…then somebody said 'Someone must have been good this year!" :laughing:…gun was a dissapointment accuracy wise, 'til I put it in a Boyds walnut stock and bedded it, then it became my “fear no evil” gun. I can seriously get ALL the plates swinging simultaneously at my club, from 100-300 yards.
Ruger Precision in .308…the gun that made me believe I don’t totally suck as a long range marksman.
Beretta M9…first 2 shots were an elongated hole at 20 yards, perfectly centered. Did this trying it out in a crowded club, and the look on the guys face next to me is quite memorable.
Glock 43…amazing little shooter accuracy wise. Put it away for awhile in favor of my 26 and 19’s, but it has once again become a go-everywhere gun due to unobtrusive near print free status.
Love all of 'em, but narrowed it down to 2 long and 2 short guns.

I also have both models. I carry the 43 with Pearce +1 mag extensions and the Gen 5 G17 in a safe by the bed.

Also have an older Gen 2 G17 that my kids use on the range.

I was thinking about having an EDC gun the 43, and the home defense gun the Glock 17. I was thinking later on get an AR pistol since I only live in a small apartment and when I get a bigger place trade it in for a AR-15

Nice guns you got there!

what is this “trade it in” you speak of? Don’t you realize “he who dies with the most toys wins”? :wink:


Number of guns you need =X+1
X=Number of guns you own.


Well Done ! Put you some good night sights on it and get some good training too. I have the Glock 27 Gen 4
.40 Caliber that I also installed a match grade KKM Barrel 9mm, also heavier tungsten guide rod. The .40 SW Caliber
is as a +P round in 9mm. Then I used 9mm Glock magazines from a Glock 26, 10+1 and Glock 19 with Pierce Spacer, 15+1.

Glock Gen 4’s are in short supply, plus my 27 is 4 years old too. I saved over $300.00 to convert, now I have both

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As of these last few days The Lawmakers, The House, Congress, Biden, and The Government have passed H.R. 7910. We must defeat these laws that are packed with many parts that are conflicting and destroying our Constitution, not just the 2 Amendment, but 1 through 8th Amendment and it could effect many more. Biden is a criminal and the Democrats have been in the outhouse again, up to their arm pits.

We must fight back or we maybe held as criminals instead and loose our gun rights; all of them and our firearms. War is not pleasant, but who said that it would be easy. Fight Back to win.