my life and prayer

A friend of mine wrote this and sent it to me, So I thought I would share it. :man_in_motorized_wheelchair:

I Will Never Give Up,
For Life, I Hold Dear,
I Will Face Everything,
Even When Filled With Fear,
I Will Push Through The Pain,
I Will Smile Through The Tears,
I Will stay On The Path,
Through The Trials And The Years,
I Will Harden My Heart,
To Confusion, Distraction,
I Will Not Be Ignorant,
And Dwell In Inaction,
I Will Live, Laugh And Love,
In The Face Of Mortality,
I Will Not Let Evil,
Change My Morality,
And When My Time Comes,
And I Lay Down To Rest,
I Will Have Less Regrets,
And Know I Did My Best.