My Goals for the week of 6/17/19

@Dawn I didn’t see this week’s post, so I’m uploading your format.

I think setting goals is really important, so I’m going to bring it up again today! And probably next week and the week after that. There’s a lot you can learn about self-defense, firearms, and carrying here. But I think learning how to set and be accountable for your goals can help you in all aspects of your life.

So I’m challenging all of you AGAIN to start setting weekly goals and post them here . Writing them down will make them more real and help me check in with you later this week!

Make it a SMART goal:
S pecific
M easurable
A chievable
R elevant
T ime-bound (we’ll use one week)

What’s your goal for this week?

Mine are:

  1. 2 trips to the range
  2. Housekeeping in my room in MI (left over from last week)
  3. Clean the guns I have with me (also left over)
  4. Enough sleep each night this week
  5. Set up my LASRX dry fire system and report back to y’all on it
  1. Continue the shepherd training.
  2. Try to keep the house in one piece, kind of a joke.
  3. Mow, trim - complete
  4. Finish folding laundry.
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Cool! Was going to see if you guys were still interested in this thread - guess I know!

I accomplished one of my goals this morning. I road my motorcycle to work. :slight_smile:

Range time this weekend (Dot Drill is on the agenda for the range)

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Sorry but I am down to one goal between now and the 28th. GET THE BAR FINISHED. She will kill me if it isn’t ready for the wedding on the 28th and that means at least a two day drying period after the last coat of poly.


@DBrogue nothing wrong with laser focus!


One very specific goal is a good thing! Good luck! Please post a picture when it’s done-I’d love to see it.

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Here are a couple of the before photos so you can see what I was making this out of.before1 before2


@DBrogue how’s your bar coming? can’t wait to see pics :slight_smile:

I am making progress each day after work. This weekend I am hoping to have the last of the actual construction done and just need to finish putting on the coats of poly to seal it all.

I will post the finished pictures next week when it is done (the wedding is next Friday).

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@Dawn @Zee

Here is the before I started it.

Here is what it looks like now ready to go.


WOW! @DBrogue you 100% ROCKED that! Beautiful work!

I learned a lot building it (without plans). If I ever make another one I will do things differently.

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That’s gorgeous! Your daughter will love it!

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