My coach Fighting on Friday Night

Sep is the guy I train under. He beat this guy a few months back, the guy complained the fight got stopped too fast so Sep agreed to a rematch. Should be fun.

Luke had to scratch, pneumonia or the VID or something. Too Bad, would have been a good fight.

This is actually a sad deal, Ryan is much more experienced than this guy, this will be a real learning experience for Mr. Plaza.


Did Mr. Grundy get beat because he couldn’t keep his eyes open?:grin:
Mr. Plaza will be Mr. Mop afterwards, cause that’s what they’ll use to clean him up with.:grin:


Just got back.
Ryan got beat - 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 Split Decision. :astonished: Mr. Plaza being much shorter than Ryan worked to the body all night, Ryan didn’t have an answer.
Sep Won - TKO 1:25 of 2nd Round, took Grundy’s back tried an RNC, couldn’t get it so he went ground and pound until the Ref Called it.

In English please🤣

Judge #1 Score 29-28 Plaza
Judge #2 Score 28-29 Ryan
Judge #3 Score 29-28 Plaza
Plaza couldn’t effective strike to Ryan’s head, he was too short, so he struck to the body, a lot.

Sep flattened Grundy out on his stomach, tried for a rear naked choke but Grundy fought it off so Sep just started hammer fisting the sides of his head until the ref stopped the fight.