My Biggest Beef with Glock

Good catch in the picture there. If those are night sights it would explain the difference in price. Though $700 is still a crazy price to pay.

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Last week I was talking on the telephone to a LGS (in Richmond, VA) and it came up they have G19 Gen 5 s in stock and priced at $575.00. I almost said, hold one, I’ll be right over. The key word is ALMOST. I’m saving up for a Standard Mfg Single Action revolver.

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I note that Midway is selling G19 Gen 3 “Mariner” models for $620. Those have the marine cups and other features including a special badge on the slide.

Give that man a cigar!

The Mariner is a special story, from a government contract(s), and there is a limited number of them available. They don’t shoot any different (except maybe under water?) than any other Gen3 but its a bit of a collectible.

The Glock 19 Mariners that recently hit the marketare rare birds in the respect that they are U.S.-made, with Georgia rollmarks and stamps on the frame, slide, and barrel in addition to the “Mariner” laser engraving on the slide. They also include three Glock 19 mags with OEM +2 base plates and inserts that are cut for an ambidextrous magazine release.