My baby. Derp a derp

3 acre dog park, 3 foot mud puddle, 4ish feet of dog. Where does she spend her time? Mud puddle. Had to go to pet store to give her bath and of course, she works everyone there over with her Husky wiles for much attention and treats, this was her telling me it was :bed: time.



In watching the dog all I could think about was my 22 year old :woozy_face:




@Zavier_D I’m not allowed to have huskies… too much like people :laughing:
Your baby is adorable :innocent:

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Thank you Zee, I’ve had a life long love affair with Siberian Huskies.

I’ve rescued about 30 Siberian Huskies over course of my life, kept 20 or so of them. But I always kept them in pairs, they socialize better in pairs.

With everything that’s going on with me medically I wanted one last pair that didn’t have anyone elses problems or bad habits, so I bought this one and prepaid for another because I wanted one pair that just had my training. So I will pick up Aria’s playmate next month.

Aria has been a handful, and since my daughter went off to college and I sent my Rottweiler and American Bulldog with her to give me at least some peace of mind, Aria hasn’t really had a playmate. So she is very, :dog::imp: :dog::imp: to say it nicely.


She’ll love a playmate! I know my dogs are so much happier with playmates - and the cats are much happier when the dogs play with each other instead of chasing the cats. :smiley:

My baby (now 1) had an exhausting day yesterday…


Beautiful doggo :heart:

A tired Husky is a good Husky. A non tired Husky is like a 3 year old on a sugar high and wired for sound except the Husky just keeps going on and on and on.

We take Aria to the dog park pretty much every day and she basically has to go through her second and third wind before we leave. Otherwise it’s zoomies and claw skids and slides all over. Our cats don’t even pay attention to her.


That’s why I love hounds and LGDs… they’ll go go go if theres a reason, but the rest of the time they’re like “meh, I think I’ll have a nap”.


Faithful companions; fierce protectors. Miniature Schnauzers hunt in packs:

Maggie and Sparky


@Zavier_D that is a beautiful husky. Very smart and as you say they know how to work a room !!

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These two kitties are rescues, one came to us recently and the other a year ago. They will binge watch tv for hours!!!


Love the Schnauzers!



I’ve rescued 10 or 11 pairs over the years, always name them after music/musicians. Aria is the first one I ever bought I wanted one last pair before I was to old to really take care, so they would have my training only them. But the other one has never been delivered.

But I do have another baby on the way, when Corvid 19 burns out. Maybe 2. Depends on how good of a honey I’ve been to my boss :innocent:

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