Must watch before it gets taken down

Simple Mod to Convert AR-15 to Full Auto


That’s so easy almost anyone can do it. I wonder how long before it gets taken down.


I am not sure what makes this a must watch

If one is inclined to intentionally commit what is a pretty obvious federal felony, one can probably find out how


I wonder how many are going to try. Should be interesting.


Curiosity peaked a hair, was more interested in seeing how this so called mod would permanently disable the firearm rather than make full auto…

Better than I expected, lol…

Binary is more than enough for me…


Lol, not bad. I was hoping it was something like that.


same thing here binary is good for me too. just thought I would have a little fun this Friday. :laughing: :man_in_motorized_wheelchair:


I loved the tool list he assembled for the modification. Lol.


you didn’t think I would do something like that did you :grimacing:? I was born at night but, not last night and bobo Biden is no relation to me lmao :rofl: :man_in_motorized_wheelchair:


Not at all brother. You are all over it troop.

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Good one :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Anyone remember the little “credit card” mod?

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Have never used or seen one real time. My interpretation is that each squeeze and release drops the hammer. If so what happens when the need to fire has been completed and the trigger is in the squeeze and you still have a release cycle to complete?


You are correct.

I think binary triggers are special specific use range toys only, at most. Why?

Because who in their right mind wants to use a gun where taking your finger OFF the trigger causes it to fire?

Who wants to train to hold the trigger down in order to NOT fire?

Hard pass

(the ones I am familiar with, you hold the trigger down and engage the safety while holding the trigger to be able to release the trigger without firing)


you activate the safety lever to either safe or just regular fire


I just have to say there are more federal felonies being committed by this administration than there are inmates that claim to be innocent in San Quentin, Sing Sing, Rikers and Attica for the past 100 years!

Here’s the only felony that offends me!


You have modes safe/semi/binary

The first 2 are normal, 3rd being binary fires on the pull and again on the release.

If you fire and hold, and decide you dont want to send the 2nd round on the release, simply move the selector to semi and release the trigger. The second round will not fire…

Its a fun way to mag dump.

Only practical thing I would use it for is when I want 2 shots on one target on top of each other in essence.

My binary trigger is installed in a complete lower with a specific color grip to identify it and not attached to an upper so it can float between platforms with ease…

I tried it once during ammo shortage covid and have not taken it out since…

Its a novelty for the most part with few good applications…

If we get zombies, it may be effect should 1 556 not be enough.


and my wife was wondering when I bought a case of .223 in 2016. at one point during the scamdemic my LGS offered me double for a box of 500

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I got all the necessities, but how did he do it in the shower?
I must have missed that part.:grinning::wink:


Out of curiosity, have you put it to a shot timer to see what target size/distance/time difference you see between two shots semi auto and two shot binary?