Murders Increased by 29 Percent in 2020, Biggest Bump Since Record-Keeping Began


The perfect storm for increased homicide rates:

  1. Take people out of work because of Covid. Then people lose their sense of meaning and purpose and being a contributing part of society. Invariably, this will lead to increases in anxiety, depression and rage. (Pres Trump predicted this - remember?)

  2. Create deep polarization between political parties and between racial groups. Convince people that black people are bad because they’re black or white people are bad because they’re white. Get them all really worked up and pissed at each other.

  3. Whip up fear by talking about defunding the police (completely, as AOC and others in the squad suggest) with the threat of turning our streets into free-for-all war zones.

  4. Try to shut down places of worship where people go for guidance and hope.

Because of ALL of these things, intakes at my mental health clinic and nearby psych hospitals are off the charts. We cannot keep up with the demand. People are hurting.

Want to lower the murder rate?

  1. Give people a sense of meaning and purpose - get them back to work!

  2. Encourage healthy dialogues between people of all races, genders and political persuasions. The deep divisions are literally killing us.

  3. Fund an effective, responsible police force. (99.9% of which already exists!) Provide encouragement and support for the LEO’s who are out there laying their lives on the line for our freedoms and safety. Give them all raises!!!

  4. Keep the doors open. Invite people back to whatever place of worship you go to. Pray with people. Encourage them. Be a reliable source of love and safety. Be the hands and feet of God in your work and neighborhood.

Would anyone seriously dispute that if we did these things, our murder rates would plummet??? C’mon national leaders, have some guts! Take some stands. Implement common-sense things to restore our nation to sanity!


Nah,more laws will fix things. At least that’s what my reps, Blumenthal and Murphy keep saying.


That’s funny!


Well you gotta admit, If we made it against the law to kill one another things would… aaaa… Oh wait… aaa … yea… never mind… there are already laws about that…


And the ruling class still keep ignoring the facts and make believe it isn’t happening. :crazy_face:
Wait till the mobs from the boarder get hungry. :thinking:

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There has been a definite push by the anti gun crowd to try to blame the increase in violence on the increase in gun purchases. They ignore the fact that the gun purchases really started to go through the roof after all the increased crime and violence associated with the release of criminals due to Covid and all the civil unrest.

When empires collapse societies tend to unravel. Everyone suffers but those who can defend themselves the least usually suffer the most.


That is a great point, @Shamrock.

For anyone in this thread, are you having more conversations with your loved ones about starting their self-defense journey?


I’m reminded of the saying that goes something like this “when someone is in trouble, he calls the one with the gun”.


Sounds like the tag line to a TV series western… or maybe it’s Underdog or Super Chicken?

Whichever it is, it’s true.