“murder insurance”

I read the post regarding CA Bill AB 1602 and was taken aback by the use of the term “murder insurance.”

I then searched for the words “murder insurance” and found this website:

It seems to me that the words “murder insurance” applied to NRA and other organizations involved in providing insurance for legal matters as they pertain to self defense may be slander or libel.

Why aren’t slander/libel lawsuits brought against people and organizations that use these hyperbolic words to defame other people and organizations?

Are self defense advocates being murdered by words?


Lawsuits could be brought but, someone’s opinion on how they characterize something is neither slander or libel. I also noticed that their website has words misspelled and pathetic grammar.
I guess they do not want victims compensated if there is a judgment. That should also mean that insurance that covers drunk driving, distracted driving and a multitude of other claims where insurance is likely to pay should also be eliminated. Unless the alleged perpetrator is independently wealthy, any alleged victim would be out of luck for reCovering any type of compensation.
Likewise, I have heard many liberals call for mandatory self defense insurance for anyone with a firearm and now want to eliminate the insurance that they are demanding,