MSM Ignores Story Of LGBT Couple Charged With Slew Of Child Sex Crimes

I have no problem with gays or lesbians… have know many and most were just people…

and IMHO they have the right to choose for themselves…

but this is something else entirely IMHO… if true… not sure how it should be dealt with…


Read somewhere they’re having a hard time behind bars. Good‼️


I read about this on Fox News a few days ago.

This kind of thing no longer shocks me when I hear it. Typical of the left-wing press to report nothing that counters their biased point of view. Even my little brother who just happens to be gay and his 14-year partner are shocked by this kind of thing.


Just sayin I hope you love your brother enough to let him know that this is not the norm. It is the people that don’t get the love they need that commit these atrocities. Just trying to make a point not personal to you.


He is almost 60 years old now and has been gay as far as I can tell his entire life. I once told him I don’t understand your lifestyle and he replied it’s okay big brother if you understood it you would be gay also. I left it at that back when we were teens and just told him your my brother I had a choice to love him or lose him. I chose to love him. My religious convictions force me in Christ to hate sin but love The sinner.

That said Christian or not and no matter what age your ethnic’s background there are people from all walks of life that are broken. I firmly believe that there are some problems that there is no rehabilitation from. Do not believe anything will ever fix a pedophile short of permanent sleep.


FWIW, the news is full of child abuse stories. Very few make national news. Many don’t even show up in your local news, because a lot of facts are redacted by police in order to protect the children. But if you ask your local police department about it, they can tell you how common it is.

You may not really want to know. People that deal with crimes against children are a special breed. If I had to do that, I would probably become an alcoholic. After a while, it’s hard to trust anyone with children. Fathers, mothers, teachers, religious leaders, baby-sitters, librarians… they all start to look like child abusers if you fall too deep into that hole.

Point being, ok, you found a story about a gay couple abusing children. (It’s less significant to me that they’re gay than that they adopted these children. That’s a failure on the state who should protect orphans.) Don’t try to extrapolate this story too far, or you’ll drown yourself. Child abuse is all around us, we just can’t see it- or choose not to.