MS13 gang members in Huston

are doing some terrible things…


Yeah, But they VOTE amirite?


Washington Post:

A few days earlier, two men had been arrested, each charged with murder and aggravated kidnapping, accused of holding three girls in an apartment controlled by their small branch of Mara Salvatrucha, or Ms-13 — a transnational street gang with a reputation for extreme violence.

Two of the girls survived. What happened to the third was laid out in the defendants’ initial court hearing last week.

Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores and Diego Hernandez-Rivera showed up to their hearing in shorts, as seen in the Houston Chronicle’s courtroom video. Alvarez-Flores, who prosecutors said led the cell under his gang name, “Diabolico,” grinned and waved at TV cameras before a prosecutor related the account of a 14-year-old who managed to escape the apartment.

The girls were held in the apartment with six MS-13 members, led by Alvarez-Flores, authorities said. Formed in El Salvador’s civil war, the gang is believed to have more than 6,000 members in the United States, according to CNN.

It has been implicated in a wave of murders in Virginia, Texas and New York, where gang members are accused of attacking high school students with machetes and baseball bats.

In the Houston apartment, the prosecutor said, “Diabolico” kept a satanic shrine.

“One night during her confinement, she observed an incident where Genesis made an outburst against a shrine dedicated to the gang members’ satanic beliefs,” the prosecutor said.

In the courtroom, Hernandez-Rivera brushed his nose.

“Diabolico (Alvarez-Flores) was offended at the outburst,” the prosecutor said. He approached the statue and offered it a cigarette. Then he walked back to the other gang members.

“The beast did not want a material offering, but wanted a soul,” Alvarez-Flores said, according to the prosecutor.

When the girl next awoke, Genesis was gone.

She reappeared on the morning of Feb. 16, dead in the middle of a street near Houston’s Chinatown area — no ID, a ring of little elephants around one finger.

She had a bullet hole in her head, and another in her chest, both of which appeared to have been fired at close range, police said.


Just here looking for a better life for their families.


For the record this happened in 2017

So, not a particularly current event

Clickbait. Anything posted on Rumble is suspect.

Seems like the TRASH needs to be picked up and thrown out to the dump. :thinking: Too much :poop: is piling up in the streets across the Country.


Oh, yes, a teenage girl is brutally murdered and other girls were found being held by these gang members isn’t “clickbait”. That’s quite disgusting to state that about those crimes. Anything on the Internet is suspect, one needs to research things. I did. I posted excerpts of the story from the Washington Post and the link to it, which showed when the story was posted. Rumble is not a news source, it is a vlogger site.


“MS13 Gang Members in Huston Kidnap & Sacrifice Little Girls To Satan”

Certainly, MS13 gang members are a bunch of low life drug dealers, but casting them as kidnappers for satan worship is not believable absent some corroborating facts. Whenever I see a headline that claims some sort of satan worship sacrifice as the motive for crime, a claim usually never backed up with facts or a police report, I think of the bogus claim by QAnon how the Dems were running a pedophile ring from a pizza parlor. A video on Rumble is not a fact, BTW.

Washington Post?


Way better than Rumble.

I agreed, which is why I posted a link to the WP story that gave witness testimony. Amazing how I was able to verify that story in just a few seconds instead of claiming that the story was “clickbait”, and satanism and kidnapping, or whatever the purpose they had in mind for those girls, isn’t real.

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So everything I read on Rumble is fact …

Where did I state that? I stated to verify things, just as I did and not just ignore things that you do not believe as being false. Sceptism is good as look as you are willing to find out if you are right or wrong and go forward with your new found knowledge.

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I read the WP article, as well. It described an individual killer who was a pschopath, but does not establish that MS13 is, as an organization, “Satanic.” Often, clickbait sites will label something as “Satanic” to draw in viewers.

I don’t know, and I don’t care. The story stated that faction of MS-13 is. Comprehend what you read, and don’t try to twist what I wrote. You are getting a bit ornery here, and for no good reason.

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