Movie Hero Accuracy


Beth Alcazar’s latest blog post is great! She discusses AI accuracy here. Specifically Arnold in the Terminator.

She then goes into how we can shoot better… which includes more information from @KevinM discussing goat… you have to read it! :rofl:


I am in places I don’t even realize… but hey it is an acronym… not an animal. GOAT (get out and train) not goat, like three billy goats gruff. Just saying. :wink:


Glad you clarified @KevinM cause you know you have that little billy goat beard going on. (Just joking)


Technically, the beard type I wear is a Van Dyke… NOT a goatee! Just saying. 35%20PM|534x467 35%20PM


Lol! Only you would share a facial hair diagram, @KevinM!


After reading the article, I was reminded of Robocop. There is a scene, after Robo has been heavily damaged, that his human partner has to help him sight his pistol, because his cybernetic targeting system is out of adjustment. Since a machine, with a computer brain, would make its adjustments based on the positioning of servos, joints, hydraulic pressure, etc, it would be employing a human trait, muscle memory. So, by using GOAT, we create an advantage for ourselves over a machine. The computer brain must rely on processing its memory to recreate the shot, and can only make decisions based on assimilated data. The human brain, an organic super computer, can make decisions using more than 1’s and 0’s for computation, and then the muscle memory comes in, all faster than a cyborgs electronic brain can do it. All that to confirm, Get Out And Train.


If Skynet ever rises, I want you on my side @45IPAC!


I’ll be near a foundry, with a large hydraulic press, or a junkyard with a HUUUGGEE magnet. I wonder if melted down T-101 can be poured into a bullet mold :thinking:.


@Kevin you left out Gorton’s Fisherman:
and this …thing… whatever it is:
My hubby gets bored and rearranges his whiskers periodically. I’m pretty much good with whatever he does with them, but the day I came home to find that last …thing… on his face I drew the line :wink:

But back to training… so at the range today, I got a lane in the tactical bay, not the pistol bay. The fellow in the next bay over was shooting everything - tactical shotguns, ARs, several handguns, and I’m pretty sure at one point a .50 if I can judge by the bang (we use to have one, enjoyed shooting it but dang that beast is LOUD). I noticed that after a bit I was flinching to his shot every time .

Yep, first thought was … annoyed!! … and then I had a word with myself and decided to put it to work for me. Ok, let his bang be his bang, focus on my task… front sight, calm, squeeeeeeze, wait for the recoil, recover sight picture, calm, squeeeeeeeze, wait for the recoil. took me about a dozen rounds but by the time I’d put my mind on my task for a mag’s worth I forgot he was over there and stopped reacting to his shooting.

Practical lesson for me today :slight_smile: I’m glad he came in to annoy me. :grin:


ok that’s twice today you’ve made me do that :smiley: You Win.
My hubby wants a bullet swager and you KNOW he’ll be wanting to know if we can use a melted T-1000 to make FMJ’s for T-101 bullets.


This totes muh goats.


@KevinM check out @Skywalker87’s post!

This thread has been a bunch of squirrels!

Did anyone ready Beth’s blog post?


@Dawn that was a 3 day old Nigerian mini goat. Shes a sweetie!


Niiiice! We’ve got baby goats, lambs and last week a calf… the eyes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
@Dawn yes I read it :smile:
So… no skynet for me thank you… and I’m ok with the human factor always being part of the mix. Does mean you have to train the machine underneath it though. More myelin is definitely called for.


I really did read it before my first post.


I care. It my opinion to this is that we have to continue training, be responsible in our duties, and know that there is not such a thing as a hero, like in the movies. Safety always.

William Smith