Movie Guns No One Should Have

Someone else: Remember that one gun in that one movie? You know, the movie with that actor who was in that other movie with the ______ (aliens, cowboys, car)?
Me: Was it so-n-so movie? I don’t remember the gun. Why?
Someone else: No one should have that gun.

Sound like a familiar conversation? I’ve heard it too many times to count. I’ve found an easy way of searching to find the exact gun someone is referring to so we can talk about facts, not the fiction variation of the gun.
I am not endorsing this page, it’s just a fun reference for movie firearms. Please feel free to share other references you’ve used for Hollywood firearms.

What guns from the movies have you heard non-gun people talk about?


Who said, I didn’t have them :rofl::rofl: I’m playing, I don’t want the ATF at work this morning talking about where they at?!

Here is some you won’t find floating at “your” local guns shop:rofl::rofl: I’m kideden mine neither, but if you “do” call me!

Such as M-4 Carbine M16-with the switch for automatic to semi and the special feature 3 round burst.

Others would inclue the Thomson or even the M1–grand should be in a museum and not being shot for value purposes. Did anyone hear about the American Revolution Gun brought back(sure not peacefully) to the museum?)

There are so many we could name, but in-less you have the tax-stamp signed by your sheriff(I don’t know if “that” is legal no more becasue have not heard of it in so long…if you do I’ll ask, Where did you get that"?


Here is the link for what an American would have to do for a tax stamp the good ole legal way!

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Let’s go old school, way back to Star Trek and the epic Phaser! Imagine, a weapon that could be set to kill or stun and that came in a full size assault phaser (note the pistol grip and high capacity magazine) and the micro-compact concealable model (which would obviously be invisible to x-rays and metal detectors

And don’t get me started on photon torpedos!


I always wanted 2 pistols so bad when I was a kid. From the book and movie " Logan’s Run" “The Sandman” and the pistol from the comics and movie “Judge Dredd”


Logans Run is a pretty good warning movie honestly.



No one else should have it because it is for me…


Yeah, it was a message that was relevant then and even more relevant now in some ways.


^^^ Nicely played, @Orpackrat, nicely played.



The movie Doom, in a sense, I have a kind of connection to it. The extra Chromosome found, superhuman or monster, I have an extra chromosome and since I’m not a monster, I must be superhuman…