Moscow citizens in a Concert Venue attacked March 23rd, 133 casualties; Who was behind it?

March 23, 2024: 133 people were killed and 140 injured when a small group of gunmen attacked a packed concert venue near Moscow, Russia.

The incident included gunfire, and explosions.

Reportedly, four gunmen were caught. They must have known they couldn’t get away, but a suicide mission. Interesting timing with the war going on there now.

It seems these hundreds gathered were just innocent people turned victims.

Was another terrorist group or ISIS behind it?

News story:

Video report:


Isis claimed responsibility for it, Putin defended Ukraine saying it was “absurd” that they were fleeing there.

Odd how criminals managed incendiary devices and automatic weapons in a country where possession of firearms or bombs is forbidden……

Guess we better triple down on our gun laws to prevent this from happening again!


LETS GO ISIS, WAIT, LETS GO PUTIN, WAIT LETS GO HAMAS, LETS GO PALESTINE, LETS GO UKRAINE :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:
I’m confused, who the phuck do we root for!
How about we get the UNITED STATES back, remember let your children know for historical purposes this is ALL BIDENS FAULT, FROM DAY ONE. Connect the dots.


Let’s root for America and Americans. Let’s root for a return to political and Social Sanity, Let’s root for a Sovereign Nation with REAL Borders…


That’s just downright RACIST :joy: I hear it’s illegal as well.

We’ve been declared terrorist, remember :question:


If it could happen in Moscow…


Don’t know if we will ever know for sure. ISIS supposedly has taken credit. But was it legitimate ISIS members who took the credit? Are they taking credit for their own actions or for someone else’s in order to increase their prestige? Even if it was ISIS did they act alone or were they encouraged and/or supported by outside actors?

Ukraine, the Western allies or even Russia itself could possibly be involved either actively or through intentional inaction in order to further their own agendas.


I guess they are waiting for CATS to open on broadway again!
CATS returns June 2024, not on Broadway, but at the World Trade Center’s Perelman Performing Arts Center!


The USA warned Russia 2 weeks ago that Muslim terrorists were going to attack a concert venue. The Russians scoffed and paid a big price.


…and how do we know for sure it wasn’t us that perpetrated this attack :question:

The current administration will sink as low as it takes to remain in power.


We don’t and prepare for attacks here which might be brought to you by an alphabet agency.


I was saying to my dad today that we’re likely to have a few of these before the next president is sworn in. It is such a sad and scary time. I haven’t felt like this until the day I was working from home and watched the towers fall.


You’re right but remember that it only took 19 to bring down the towers. Most of the “Best and Brightest” currently in college have forgotten but, thanks to Biden’s open borders, he’s importing bigger and better trained batches of trained personnel and, what they won’t do,all the criminals from prisons all over the world, including ours, will undoubtedly pick up their slack. So I would encourage all these bright, young people to frequent crowded, target-rich environments such as concerts and rallies. If you do that, with the country in the shape it’s currently in, sooner or later, there’s a very good possibility you’ll get to experience it yourself. Be sure to write a thank you letter to the president afterwards, if you’re able.


This is going to happen here, but you can bet it will be well planned and take place in many locations at or near the election to prevent it from ever taking place. Martial law on a grand scale and checkmate! I pray I’m wrong. But too many things are lining up for something major. Expect also major cyberattacks and attacks on our grid etc. Anything at all to keep the status quo and prevent any regime changes. JMO


This is MO consistent with the Bataclan attack in Paris in 2015. Nothing new from this line of fine and diverse folks.

But this is new… Even for Mother Russia law enforcement, this is too rich


PLEASE… Dear God, Please


DING! That sound you just heard was not the chicken being done.
We just made ANOTHER LIST!



I could be, wrong but from my quick search — the largest U.S. casualties of international terrorism was nearly 3,000, on September 11, 2001. And highest number of U.S. loss by domestic was 60, on Oct., 2017, from the Las Vegas massacre.

Thus 133 in Russia was in comparison still such a high number. Sad but also so significant, we must all take very serious indeed.


Declare martial law.
Shut down cellphone service.

I’m on my own.


The more likely response in this country by the anti self defense crowd will be to pull the incredibly small number of LEOs and National guard that they have passively observing the border chaos and send them with the rest of the army to actively disarm law abiding citizens.

Russia is one giant gun free zone. That policy worked so well for them at preventing this massacre right? You can see how effectively the defenseless victims huddled along the walls waiting for their turn to be shot in some of the videos. Makes perfect sense for us to copy Russia’s authoritarian disarmament actions here.:crazy_face::frowning: