More cop problems in CLT


I don’t know which is worse. Crooked cops stealing hundreds or thousands of dollars for themselves or police departments using civil assert forfeiture to “legally” steal billions of dollars from the public to fund their own salaries with zero due process.

Actually I think it is pretty clear which is worse.


“That ain’t my money…”.
Well, no it isn’t, not now that your comrades caught you taking it from the guy.


Makes one wonder how many times that officer did that. They know that criminals typically stay silent so as to not incriminate themselves, which leaves corrupt officers free to steal from them; personal property, money, etc. I could tell some stories I have been told, but will leave that alone.


As once a former Police officer for the City of Woodstock, Illinois, I caught 3 police officers taking bribes for protecting the business of an attorney in downtown Woodstock, I passed on what I found to a Sergeant and he checked it out, found it was true and we gave it to the Chief of police, he called me and the sergeant into his office, as I walked in the three bribed cops were sitting down and the chief motioned me and the sergeant to sit down, as soon as my butt hit the seat - he leaned off his desk, pointed his finger at me and told me to mind my own business, and then pointed to the three bribed cops and told them that it stops right now, and then told us to get the F out of his office. Every single police department has a measure of dirty cops and politicians. And for those cops who do not speak up, you are just as dirty as the ones who do the criminal activities. Period. That Chief and those three cops are collecting a pension, I resigned later that year.


@Robert1576 Welcome to the community, glad you are here!

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Welcome to the community sir! :saluting_face: I applaud your convictions and moral upbringing! Thank you for your service!

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