Monday night in Houghton Mi.

Got the word that one of the lawyers went off the reservation last night
He and a client were at the bar in the Douglas Houghton Hotel
got into an argument over something, it turned violent.
the 2 separated, the lawyer went outside and the client went to the bathroom.
Lawyer came back in with his deer rifle, went to the bathroom and shot the client in the head and killed him.
waiting for more info at this point.
things are really getting crazy all over.
so be careful out there and watch your 6


People are not required to self control anymore… this is a “Free World”…


I personally wouldn’t associate freedom with violent acts. The vast majority of people in this world manage to freely go through their whole lives without intentionally bringing serious harm to anyone else.

We do seem to be reaching a bottleneck point from economic, food, population and political perspectives. Historically these points lead to a significant uptick in aberrant behavior. But still the majority freely choose to maintain their self control despite the constant assaults from the unhinged around us.

Hopefully the unhinged people are the worst we have to worry about. But as governments become unhinged as well the problems are likely to get a lot worse for everyone before they get better.


I wonder if you wrote that last part…

with a straight face. I personally will not leave company grounds anymore…too dangerous!

WWG1WGA(and if you wanna go outside you go alone!)
No step on snek!