Moms' Demand Action Attorney General Keeps RAPIST Brother out of Jail for years because....she's an Idiot!

One wonders why, instead of “cycling,” people who have proven time and again they can’t be trusted not to victimize others aren’t kept away from the law-abiding and peaceable. Except that doesn’t fit in with the agenda of Massachusetts’ Democrat Attorney General, Andrea Campbell, Alvin’s sister.

Per the Associated Press, she said she “‘look[s] at every issue through an equity lens.’ She said Massachusetts residents don’t all have the same access to affordable health care or housing and aren’t all affected equally by the criminal justice system, crime or the climate crisis. She added that communities of color are ‘disproportionately policed and incarcerated.’”

It goes without saying that if one does not go around sexually assaulting women, the chances of being incarcerated on rape charges diminish greatly. But coming from a career criminal family, with authorities at one time calling her father the “leading black organized crime figure in New England,” there are personal incentives to blame the system instead of the individual – unless he’s an ordinary gun owner inclined to obey the law. (AG Campbell’s background is reminiscent of another billionaire Michael Bloomberg-backed daughter of a hoodlum, “reporter” Jennfier Mascia of The Trace, who has apparently made a career of taking her Daddy-was-a-hitman/Meadow Soprano issues out on gun owners who are not sociopathic animals.)

My only Question here ( Seriously Don only one?)
Is how many INNOCENTS have been harmed, Mentally/physically abused and KILLED by all this DEI Bullshite? 'COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS? and just out right INSANE POLICIES since Obama/Biden have been Installed in te Big Chair?.. It honestly makes me wonder if the World is just one big Insane Asylum and there really is No Warden to oversee us. It’s a free for all for the crazy masses…