Mom spots terrifying 'ghost baby' in son's crib; says she 'could kill'


In other news, an Illinois mother was red flagged after threatening to kill her husband to news reporters. Local police immediately confiscated all weapons from the home.


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Is she under the influence of narcotics?

Even a drink or two may have made her think such a thing.
I mean looking at the picture, I do see how somebody could question what that is.

I love John Wayne movies but the biggest thing now when the younger people hear the name, they think you’re meaning Lil Wayne

Illinois loves very much to take your rights away. I personally know 3 people who have had their Second Amendment Rights taken away. A former colleague, our cleaning lady, and a friend of my wife. Their rights are gone forever unfortunately very unfortunately because they cannot afford an attorney that specializes in Constitutional Rights.

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It’s sad really and not reflective of a majority of the people that live in the State unfortunately.

A few years back my brother who lives in the Bloomington, IL area sent me a few texts excited about his first gun that he had finally purchased. It just happened to be around this time of year so I invited him out my way for Thanksgiving and told him we could go to the range and break it in. So he comes up and then mentions he didn’t bring any ammo, no worries I tell him, I have plenty of 9mm or we can swing my favorite gun shop and get you some range ammo along with some self defense ammo. He opted for the later so while in the shop selecting ammo and looking at various guns (like kids in a candy store) he looks a me and says oh and don’t worry, I have my FOID card with me so I’m good to go buying ammo. I look at him and ask “what the heck is a FOID card!?” He says “you know, the certification/registration card you get for purchasing guns and/or ammo…your State probably calls it something different.” I smile at my little brother and say “little brother, I live in ‘free America’ and I don’t need any stupid cards to purchase any guns or any ammo and we don’t ‘register’ our guns either.” That began a 10min discussion there in the shop with him, me and the owner and he was just amazed we didn’t have any of the “controls’ that IL had on them. His last response was sh*t, I need to move.” I told him I’d help him load/unload the moving van, lol. (unfortunately he still lives there because of work).

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@JamesR Yeah Jim; you need your FOID if you have firearms in this state. It’s a sad reality of being an Illinoian, a Concealed Carry license is only half the story. Even to buy ammunition (you) meaning everyone (at this point in time) you cannot buy ammunition or guns with your concealed license. You must buy ammo and firearms with an IL FOID.

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Neither of them thought to remove that sticker from the mattress before putting it into use? Or, at least turn the mattress over?!

Whoever is responsible, you can quit putting the stupid in the water, you’ve overdone it!