MNPD releases dash, body camera footage in shooting that killed woman,

Just watched the video… sad to see someone go through that but from the start she did not comply with the officer. It clearly shows her going in and out of the car. After the officer pulled out weed and what appeared to be cocaine. Video shows the police officer pulling it all out of her bag. He calmly asked her to turn around and she ran away. He clearly stated he was pulling out his taser and she then runs into her car to flee the officer. He deployed his taser and is wasn’t really doing much to her. While screaming the lady clearly pulled a gun and fired at the officer… he fired back and fell to the ground. She then drives away after tossing her firearm to the ground. The officer basically stayed on the ground and watched her drive off. He was clearly not fit and stuck. Sad on both sides but she didn’t obey the law one bit and she was delt cards that cost her life. The officer did his job and I hope this doesn’t get played off as if the officer was racist etc. The video is 100% proof she was in the wrong.


It’s Nashville, TN. There are already warnings over protests over this on the net.

I’m glad he’s alright, but, he shouldn’t have let her keep returning to her car. I know, it’s easy to armchair quarterback a situation like this, and, it’s a whole different ball game for LEO’s. In the end, she was non-compliant, and drew a gun on a cop.


It looks like the MNPD is trying to get ahead of the almost predictable outrage protests by releasing the video quickly, along with a narrative to walk the public through the incident. Good for them.

The officer was more than polite in his initial treatment of the driver, but I cringed every time she was allowed to lean into her car with her back turned to him.

I sometimes feel that we’ve burdened law enforcement with the need to treat people with kid gloves, that they can no longer safely perform their duties.


He handled it poorly especially without backup - was everyone eating donuts?

He looked not prepared for the situation.

That’s another example that Police should have more funds for training.
Once he found “bags” in her purse and saw her smoking cigarette he should already had known something was not right with her.
I know it doesn’t mean she is gonna use the firearm, but his attention should rise dramatically…

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In the political climate which affect the behavior of LEO’s in our country, it is dangerous to be an LEO. Anytime the person stopped is non-white when the LEO is white, things go sideways. Then again, when the perpetrator is already committing illegal acts, why would we think that they will now be respectful of law enforcement?
I think I would not allow myself to get as physically unfit as this officer, thereby complicating my ability to react to situations such as this. Then again, can you imagine the cost of Law Enforcement agencies requiring PT and such to keep their force fit for duty? The population would have a cow when they realize the cost of that.

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I have to disagree; this simply isn’t true. The problem is when a white cop / non-white citizen stop occurs, and things go sideways, the MSM and Left exploit the incident, and incite more violence.

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I have my own biases, but nothing makes me more nervous than a young redneck. There are plenty of dashcam videos to back me up on this, but they don’t make national headlines. Outside the young male category, it’s fair to say that any random traffic stop could have that cop killer in the car. The short old lady could be the most dangerous person I encounter because I didn’t expect trouble from her.

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How quaint.

I guess I need to amend my statement as yours is more accurate.

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