MMA Fighter Subdues Knife Attacker

Look at the distance and the speed of attack.


Dang. Epic.

That dude messed around and found out. Did not know what he was getting himself into


I think that car moved a couple inches when he tested the pavement with that guy! :rofl:


That’s a crocodile Dundee type of knife :flushed:
I’m not a former or current MMA fighter. Not sure how I would handle an attack like that. Gotta improve my situational awareness.


Good take down but could have gone a lot differently if the guy with the knife actually had any idea how to use it.

He seemed mostly intent on waiving the knife in the MMA fighter’s face instead of making effective swings and stabs with it. It also looks like he might have had a moment or two during the take down when his knife arm became free again and he could have gotten a strike in. Then while pinned on the ground his other arm was free to strike or grab another weapon if he had one. Though Mr. knife wasn’t given much time to try more effective moves as soon as the MMA guy started his effectively aggressive attack.

In my Krav Maga classes if I fail to keep full control of the training knife until I have taken it away or completely subdued my coach he makes me pay by getting stabs or slashes in.


I suppose the typical concealed carrier expected response would be to create distance/laterally get off the X, draw, present, hope it’s a defensive gun use with no shots fired because he realizes he brought a knife to a gun fight and wants no part of that so he just bails outright…but be ready to shoot the instant you draw the gun in case he comes at you with that weapon anyway


All I can say is, the right guy got hurt.