Mission First: We Must All Be a Force for Good | USCCA

Yes, we did temporarily postpone the USCCA’s 2020 Concealed Carry Expo in Kansas City. We all look forward to our annual expo every single year, and we are very disappointed.

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Some may believe that nothing needs to be said about the steps that USCCA has taken because of that’s how the organization and its people roll, and they would right.
Yet I feel the need to express that I have never been prouder - out side of having been a member of our nation’s military (Navy and Army National Guard for 22 years - now retired)of being part of a more responsible and accountable organizations than USCCA and this nations’ responsibly armed community.
Postponing this year’s convention was the thing to do at this time. This too shall pass, and we will be made stronger for it.