Minnesota gun shop under fire after offering ammo for 'trip to the hood'


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I archived it to avoid all that BS.
"…Near the bottom of the email and in parentheses, the ad reminds shoppers that “we have 30 rnd mags for your trip to the hood…”
Clicky here. https://archive.vn/ALM01


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Here:. https://outline.com/Z6K2f8

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Omg. Several people left negative reviews. It’s an outrage. Facebook is in an uproar. Email spreading violence, oh no. Can we get the mayor to shut down this woman’s business. Racism is rampant. This must end. Hmmm or maybe she can just apologize & live happily ever after…

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Looked them up, very nice. Sent then an email of support. I may buy something from them just for support. :us:

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That’s not acceptable.

Light hearted add. Get over yourselves. I will be going tomorrow and purchase something. Anything. I have said before there are allot of “FEELINGS” on here stop with the crap, mind your own business. This may have not been “acceptable” to some, don’t shop there. I know for a fact there are at least two of you busy bodies that will call for boycott. You aren’t that important. Let it go.

Are you going to the hood then? :wink:

No Joy, I don’t think so. I stay in my own hood.

Sure wish you would let me in on the tone of voice you are putting down here.

Don’t know your sentiment.

But that takes away the fun. I’m a reasonable person. I am hyper vigilante that every post we make is scrutinized by someone intent on doing us harm. Instead of being the gray man in public I’m the jello man online. :rofl:

@Craig9 Just ignore them and they will go away. It works for me. :+1:


I think they are being stupid funny. It’s true that everybody seems to be hypersensitive. Sounds like my kind of humor that gets me into trouble. My wife tells me to be quiet in public since I like to say off the wall things for the shock. Entertainment for 4th graders Zi know. But I skipped kindergarten do I guess zim trying to css as tech up with everybody else. :rofl:

Great advice. Sometimes I can’t help myself.

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Are we talking optics or reality here? The optics look bad because people are overly sensitive to reality. Some places are more dangerous to go into than others in some cities. People heading to the Oak Park Area in Chicago might feel a greater need for protection than People living in the Hamptons or Big Sir. The statement may have been in bad taste but it more than likely touches on the inner fears people have of some areas of our country. Think about how we talk in our social groups. Some of the ones at the shooting range I go to are hard core country boys and they would see the add as simple information. When I got my California CCW you had to list a reson you thought you needed one. I listed carrying large amounts of money and making late evening meeting with people and businesses in San Bernardino CA, the 187 capital of the state in the 90s. The clerk came to the part about the money and gave a small smile. Then they looked at travel into San Bernardino at night on a regular basis and they let out a breath and said, well they should do it. And yes I got the CCW. The optics are different but the intent is the same.

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There are always some folks offended all the time. There are a few things that offend me. Truly this is way at the very bottom of my list.