Minimum Competency for Defensive Pistol

This has been around for a while — worth reading if you haven’t.
It’s a long essay, but I think a quality review of an important topic.

You don’t need to be Rob Leatham in order to protect yourself.
But you likely need to be better than you think you are.
– John Daub

Descriptions of the exercises mentioned in the article (and a bunch more) are in his PDF compilation Drills, Qualifications, Standards and Tests. The e-book is free, but Daub is associated with Karl Rehn’s KR Training. The download link is part of marketing for their company, so I don’t want to post the direct link to the book. It’s a handy reference resource for exercises you might find mentioned but not described elsewhere.

Work to make yourself a bit better today than you were yesterday; and tomorrow a little better yet.