Military Spouses Day

For some, serving in the military is a calling. And we could not be more thankful for their dedication and service. Though there may only be one member of a family in the military, he or she is not the only one sacrificing. The loved ones of our military personnel serve in their own way — with a lot of dedication, support, and even worry for their military loved one.

Today, we take some time to recognize all who support their spouses by standing by their side while they serve.

Please share your support for and stories about the military spouses you know.


Having been on both sides of the military life. In my opinion it harder for those at home. When on a deployment you have things to focus on and distract you. For the ones at home who truly support their family members who are serving you are an integral part of what makes our military and it’s members strong.


The dreaded sound…knock on the door. With each deployment, my wife hated solicitors more and more! She still jokes about.


My Oma still says when Opa was deployed in Vietnam it was the second-worst period of her life…

First is now she claims because he is present with the Lord…

But could never imagine the bravery of a military spouse! Honestly, they are JUST as brave and just as honorable as the American Solider!