Military Rivalry

Thank you to all of our veterans - we appreciate everything you have gone through in the defense of our country!

At one point I made the mistake of taking some ribbing between two different branches of the military as a nasty fight - it wasn’t. I’ve learned that there’s a lot of that ribbing that goes on!

In anticipation of this year’s Veterans Day and to help those of us who didn’t serve be able to recognize that good-natured ribbing, I’d love to hear about the FUN rivalries that go on in the military.

Please keep it PG-13 rated using the appropriate blank spaces for the adult language. :slight_smile:


We called the Air Force the chair force. The Navy got made fun of as well by those of us in the Army. All in good fun, because they may be the ones who save your tail.


A PG 13 military rivalry. This is gonna be interesting.

Let the acronyms fly… lol

Navy guys always poke the Coasties for being afraid of the deep end of the pool.

It’ll be a toss up between the Air Force and Coast Guard who catches the brunt of this.


I am Air Force-and proud of it, but I have always had a lot of respect for those Navy pilots that can land on a postage stamp in the middle of the ocean.


What rivalries? I’d never speak ill of Squids, The Bathtub Navy, or Wing Nuts!


My Granddad an Uncle always referred to the Coasties (lovingly) as “The Bathtub Navy”. :smile:


Proud Zoomie here…….

I recall referring to the USNA as Canoe U, and USMA as Hudson High…and of course squids and grunts. (I actually remember some pretty foul jodies about Navy and Marine life choices and partners which I won’t repeat here).

I’m affiliated with the local group of Cannoneers and every St Barbara’s Day during the Dining Out, I provide a toast to the Army from their “son” the Air Force (and as you can imagine they include a good bit of ribbing but always end with respect.

At the end of the day (and I think most servicemen/women feel this way) while we joke around, we all have mad mutual respect for the other branches.

But I’m happy to join in the fray here with a couple of my favorite memes along these lines:


While stationed in Germany (Hahn Air Base) we had an Army unit assigned to the base for perimeter defense. I was off duty, eating at Burger King and wearing an Army tee shirt. An Army colonel asked me if I was Army, I said no, I just wear this shirt when I know I’ll be eating with my fingers. My boss, Colonel Iron Mike Wheeler, called me in the next day. We had a good laugh.


The military is backwards. The closer you are to your buddies the worst you treat each other. Wouldn’t have it any other way tho.


I’ve seen that at the USCCA headquarters with the military guys here!

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That’s so right. The stories I could tell.

Air Force Special Operations??? We in the army call them clerks.

Sure, we’re all donut boys and desk jockeys until you need death from above and/or your butts pulled out of a sling from a hot LZ and patched up on the way back to base………lol.


Now Raymond. We all know the Army calls the AF when they need to get out of a bad situation.

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And you will never ever have a cool knick name it will be the most idiotic or accidental thing you ever did, and all you can do is hope like hell you out last their enlistments but that never ever helps because they have already told everybody the story behind your handle in the worst possible way and if you are talking to a girl they are going to come up and tell her about your wife and nine kids at home and what a nasty case of syphilis you just got over. Even though you aren’t married.

Oh and good God don’t let them find out you have some strange fear. I might have heard of an alleged xo with an alleged fear of reptiles who woke up after liberty with a 6 foot python. All rumor and speculation. He was a prick though. Fortunately I wasn’t on his ship.

All true. I somehow ended up with the nickname of Country F##k…Couldnt shake it until one day when I walked in with a new pair of combat boots that squeaked with every step. From that day forward I was known as MSgt Squeek.

Another guy disappeared one day for about 4 hours. When he returned the boss kind of yelled at him saying “where the hell you been?” He got the nickname of Uben after that. Man I miss those days.

On board a submarine if you had a fear the crew felt obligated to help you overcome that fear. So you were sure to face it as often as possible. You had two choices. Break or get over it. Lol

It’s all good natured ribbing between services but we respect and need every single sailor soldier airman marine and coast guardsman. This is what I drink coffee out of every day. Love all my fellow service men and women.

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Air Force Dump

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Navy Dump