Military Pay < Left Wing Agenda


It’s all about printing money for military adventurism (read: guns, ammo and cash sent to the Ukraine) and social programs (read: money for LGBTQ EIEIO matters, abortion, climate change, immigration, diversity initiatives and transgender issues). Politicians of both stripes NEVER ask the electorate to raise taxes to pay for these things, as that would be political suicide. Instead, they just borrow/print the money for the bipartisan cookie-jar. Everybody gets to tell their constituents they did something in the DC swamp.

Of course, there is no free lunch in economic matters. When Congress prints money, we pay for it in the form of inflation and ever-increasing interest/mortgage rates, just like Weimar Germany did in the 1920s, and just like Argentina and Venezuela are.


Scum is as scum does.


It’s “pay back” for Tommy Tuba (err Tuberville) for blocking promotions. Stupid politicians endangering our country’s security. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I support Tuberville’s stand. Sometimes it takes someone to stand up and ruffle the feathers in order to bring attention where it’s needed. Quite frankly, we need a military that’s capable and willing to kill to protect our nation. We don’t need one that knows which pronouns to use but not which bathroom.


In today’s upper echelon promotions, I would agree with you. :+1:
But in the long run it does trickle down and hurt the lower ranks. :thinking:

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@Mark697 When I retired, I found a fixer upper, paid cash from my 401k and am slowly improving the house. When my brother retired, I convinced him to do the same. He said it was the best financial decision he had made.


What he said