Military Dog Injured Chasing Terrorist is Back on Duty

Dogs being smart and learning from people reminded me of this picture. This is one smart Dog.


Interesting thing happened to me on the way home yesterday. I decided to take a different road to the local super market for my monthly shopping trip. Half way there this dog, looks just like the photo up top, starts running from way up the road toward me; looking happy as all get out to see me coming his/her way! I slow up and she/he is dancing all about just as brilliantly alive and full of the joy of life. I understood shortly the why of being there, it’s Mistress was pulling the garbage can away from the road…

…but it was a wonderful feeling, seeing this dog, looking for all the world like a cousin to a military working dog I have had great personal regard for in passing, jumping up and down and smiling as if we were meeting again for the first time in years! And we both remembered each other!

bytheby: Special props to @Robert15 !


It is a great dog.

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When my hubby’s youngest was still a toddler, they had a down-the-block neighbor with a bad attitude and an attack-trained German Shepherd that he had repeatedly sicked on various neighbors, calling him off at the last second and then laughing about it. He’d been reported and warned, but it apparently didn’t make an impression on him.

One day the toddler was playing in the front yard and the dog, unsupervised, came charging down the road and into the yard towards him, growling, full attack mode. My hubby went at a run to snap up his kid, but their cat Satan intercepted the dog before he could get there. Satan was 20+ lbs of black main coon cross. My hubby says it was like what you see in the cartoons - a moving ball of dirt and dust with fur flying out of it. I don’t know if the dog didn’t survive the encounter, or if they ended up putting him down. Personally I think the dog’s aggressive owner might have been the right place to apply that solution :unamused:

Fang would get underneath a dog sinking his teeth into their scrotum digging his front claws unto their flanks to hang on and then would just rake their guts out with his rear claws.

He was the epitome of “If you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck” in action.


that is frickin’ hysterical!

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