Migrant Crisis and the States Increasingly Defying the Feds -

This is an interesting read. Clear, concise and almost devoid of emotion. I liked it.
(almost fair reporting----I almost didn’t know what to make of it @ first w/o all the Left/Right BS slung
@ it to muck it up). The talk of ‘CW’ towards the end of it made me pause though because the REALITY of it (also much without the Vitriol and prejudice most sh** stirrers inject into a discussion these days)
made me go Hmmmm.
When you look @ a situation ‘Clear Eyed’ without all the anger, self serving emotions, backstabbing
I get a sense this is just going to be a case of natural Law going into effect pretty soon. The People
(WE THE PEOPLE) who Love OUR Country vs. the Globalists who wish for the destruction of our way of life and Taketh away all Freedoms…pretty simple really. And a clear course is set for us if we wish to preserve our way of life. If we REALLY believe our Founding fathers *and I do have set a template for a way of life of freedom, You are what you make of it, Family, respect, Justice for all? the course is clear.

Thank you
No Easy Days ahead


Interesting read.

I know enough to keep my fingers tied when replying to things like this.


“All of this is resulting in massive disrespect for laws. It’s true that many or most of the laws we have in the US are stupid and counterproductive. But when the whole idea of obeying the law is subverted, the result will be chaos.”

Just look at the “Classified Document” cases. Enforce this law here but ignore it there. Locally, a big discussion, Trespassing Laws, If I pitch a tent in the parking lot of your coffee shop I get arrested and charged with trespassing. If a “Unhoused” person throws a tarp over a shopping cart in your entry way and you physically evict them, you are a criminal charged with assault and other crimes.
Be an “immigrant” you can go places and do things and get services regular citizens simply don’t have access to. AND There’s always the invisible elephant in the room, Who’s The Hell Is Paying For All Of This???

Off my soap box now.


I got up to Jacobins being equated with democrats and couldn’t take it anymore. I t was a good read up to their. Maybe I will be inspired to read more.

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'Soap Boxes, Rants, heartfelt beliefs ’ are Welcome in the house Brother.
If we don’t communicate we are lost.
YES, we are probably 'Monitored ’ here (and I don’t mean USCCA Monitor’s)
If I say something stupid (against guide lines—I expect to be slapped)
I mean OUTSIDE monitor’s a-l-p-h-a-b-e-t-i-c-a-l-l-y speaking :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: I don’t care.
For now, I am free to talk about what’s on the Thread/Topic
Let them record who cares
The way this whole situation is heading we are going to be up to our necks in trouble (My Opinion)
We are being Over ruled, Silenced and Oppressed all over place

BUT THERE IS PUSH BACK STARTING. It may be minute but it’s there.
These ‘Migrants’ are DEFIANT of authority
How long do you think Big Brother is going to accept this?
Some may have WECLOMED them in but an out of control Society is an ANGRY Society.
You think J6 was Bad?
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
There was a time in NYC when the Police weren’t responding to ‘Minor’ Crimes
This wasn’t the thinned down, Defunded Poe Poe. They were TRAINED-UP, STRONG, CAPABLE.
They sat back and scooped up the bodies. They responded to Major Crimes w/ FORCE.
But they let the Crim’s Kill each other. Why try and seperate them from doing so?
Why risk getting killed? They waited in these ‘hoods’ and when the dust settled they cleaned up and brought order back for the Civilian populas. THAT is what should be done NOW.
People (ordinary, common, working class folks are going to reach a breaking point) SOON!
A lot of these’ Migrants’ aren’t soldiers. They are Thugs, Gangs, rapists, Thieves and Murders.
Every City should allocate a plot of land for mass burials of these folks.
THAT will send a Message. You come here to CRIM all over us you’ll get your piece of the American Pie.
(6’ down) I’ll drive the back hoe.
This is the best country on Earth
We deserve to be safe, Free, and if we do it by the book we prosper beyond our wildest expectations.

I am NOT rolling over for these phuckers.
These Politicians WORK FOR US, they’ve forgotten this.
You want to give me a KNOCK (or No Knock?) CONSEQUENCES
We should not accept what we are being force fed.
Out of control Thievery and spending?
Hitleresque Oppression and Domination?

Who do they think they are phuckin’ with? Armatures ?


one of the many reasons I got my CCW


Welcome RJ15 !
TRAIN UP Brother, We’re going to need you

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Hence today’s cell phone service outages, nationwide. Could we be under attack? Asking for a friend!


Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…maybe… Everyone is possibly ordering Chinese
food all at the same time and the lines r busy… Could happen…stop laughing!

My cell is operational Brother


Im sorry, but migrants is wrong so very wrong!!! They are illegals, in every term of the word, illegal!!! It won’t be long they will coordinate with the cartel and reopen the flood gates again!!! What is biden’s communist reign going to do then! Probably, help them!!!


I’ve said it many times “If the first thing you do when you come to this country is illegal you are illegal…”, usually met with the White Privilege racist crap…


Welcome to the Community sir!


Good read.
“They’re being drawn here because they love freebies, not freedom.“


If immigrants enter the US without the proper documents, then they are illegals! All I see is black privilege racist crap, they are the ones bitching because the illegals are getting all their free stuff!!!


Hello and welcome @RJ15


There’s plenty of whites bitching too, because they’re being raked over the coals with taxes to pay for all that free stuff!

But our voices don’t matter in the wokeness of modern society…. Stupid white privileged people :dotted_line_face::dotted_line_face::dotted_line_face:


It all fits together.


@RJ15 Welcome to the community!


It’s not our voices! There’s way better ammunition, money! Stop paying!
The government knew someone would get the idea that we have the power of the purse, but they still hold the power to kill us, hence the hiring of 80 thousand new armed IRS agents!


This was likely the last year they have to pay me back. :rage:

I get that there’s things that simply are not free that the government provides….

Like roads, utility infrastructure, standing armies….

Cell phones and paid debt cards for illegal immigrants though,…. Huge pay raises for themselves,….

That ■■■■ makes me think of other ammunition than our voices too!