Micro Striker vs Revolver Pocket Carry

Which is the better option?

I don’t see this as being anything beyond personal preference, @Scoutbob. I prefer the snub nose (Ruger SP101) chambered in .357 Magnum, but shooting .38 Specials through it, which are much cheaper than .357s and they don’t try to hurt your hand. For protection, it’s Speer Gold Dot .38 JHPs. For target practice it’s Federal American Eagle 130 Gr FMJs for me.

The Micro Striker, assuming you’re talking about a 9mm round, will be even cheaper than my .38 costs, which are usually just over 30 cents a round. (I don’t reload yet.) Also, the smaller pistol is maybe just a little better conceal weapon that the revolver, and it certainly holds more than five rounds. There is a school of thought that claims you won’t need more than 3 rounds in a conflict - my take is that if you can’t stop a threat in five rounds, carry a speed loader or (better) a backup.

All things considered, I like the look and feel of a revolver, and the DAO models are aim-and-shoot, with no levers, buttons, or slides to fiddle with. I would suggest you head to your local gun range and rent a few of each over time. Also, the guys behind the counter love to talk about this stuff, so start a chat when they are not too busy. Best of luck!

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Have you rented any to see how you’d like them?

No, I’m really just toying around with the idea. I just got a new shield 45 a few weeks ago, and I’m trying to focus on becoming proficient with that.

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Congrats! I just picked up a PM45 for certain modes of carry where I’ve previously used a CM9.

My personal experience (so not universal), was that the S&W airweight with stock grips and 38spl +P needed more training on my end. I could tell after the first shot. I rented the airweight and a G43, and ended up getting the CM9 (since I liked Kahrs and I wanted a trigger similar to my 66).

The factors that swayed me to put off the airweight for another day were, the CM9 was a similar weight, was smaller overall, had more rounds, had MUCH less felt recoil with +P, had more energy than the 38 spl +P even with standard pressure 9mm,and had slimmer/faster reloads. For the record, I had a pleasant experience with an all steel snub firing 38 spl target loads many years ago.

Here’s a website I use sometimes to compare sizes… they have the K6s and the SP101 for snubs. I set the link to compare the SP101 to the CM9: https://www.handgunhero.com/compare/kahr-cm9-vs-ruger-sp101-2-25

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In guns that size, 38 +p and 9 mm are very close power wise(I know, I know). You can even get small revolvers in 9 mm, using moon clips. So, I would rent/borrow and shoot several examples, and go with whichever fit you the best. If cost is a factor, a small pistol is usually less expensive that a revolver. Me personally, I find pocket pistols hard to shoot(bear paws for hands), with the exception of Sig P238 and 938.


@Scoutbob I’m with you. I went the route of the Shield in .45 also.
Factors I considered

  1. Weight (for all day carry)
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Trigger
  4. Sights
  5. Ease of reloading
  6. Reliability
    All but #7 was in favor of the Shield, and 7 was a tie given how solid my shield has been.
    Again, personal preference plays a large role.
    My shield has a ported barrel, night sights and is light. The revolver, well, not so much in any of these categories.

Might be worth a note… the DC’ed Taurus 445 UL (44 spl) has been on my radar for awhile:

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I think its personal preference. But. I note that both tend to be pretty snappy, thus presenting accuracy challenges.

On a separate note: For the carrier’s safety, a pocket pistol should be in a holster that protects the trigger and the firearm (in holster) should be the only thing in that pocket.


I’ve been very happy with mine. I also have the PC 9mm shield. I love that gun, but I’ve been carrying the 45.

Which ever fits your hand as a glove.

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Hey Scoutbob, personal preference. I love a revolver, for reasons most of the commenters here have touched on. In spite of that, I prefer a semiauto.

The problem is me. I’ve never been in a firefight, and I’m not convinced I can get the job done in 5 to 6 rounds. Even with a speed loader, reloading a revolver is slow. There’s great peace in having a spare magazine or two at the ready.

I’ve kind of struck a middle ground with one of my EDC’s, an SCCY CPX-2. While not a micro, it is a subcompact. And it has many of the attributes of some revolvers … double-action only, hammer fired, with no safeties to fiddle with, and very easily concealable. Chambered in 9mm, it’s economical to shoot often. Which is good, because it’s a snappy gun with a stiff trigger, and takes some practice to master.

Best of luck, let us know what you decide!


I think snub nose revolvers are cool, but I’m going to research a Pocket size striker. I love my M&Ps, the bodyguard could be a good option, but I’ve seen lots of videos on the M&P having light primer strikes with different kinds of ammo (might just be picky). They are also more affordable.

I do still want a revolver some day, but I might get a full-size, and that would really become a range toy/ family gun to pass down.

The phrase, ‘better option’ depends on the job you want it to do. If you just want to bang around on the range, either would be fun to have. But if your life depends on it, and you’re in a dark parking garage with three guys that want to cut you up, I’d not even consider a revolver unless it’s all I had…I’d take an easy to use, easy to reload (in the dark) semi-auto every time.