Michigan sheriff forced to limit in-person deputy responses because...


Just the tip of the iceberg!
Guess they found a sure fire way to defund after all!
“Summer is Coming” things are about to heat up!
No A/C, no fuel, no cops, no food, a Democratic dream come true.
Can’t wait for the next disease!


And this is all due to Biden and his admin. fight over fossil fuels. And wanting go green ASAP. Not to mention that some democratic run states are still pushing to defund the police. And we have seen what that does and means. And now Congress is working on gun control bills that will make it even harder for citizens to protect themselves when law enforcement isn’t able to respond to calls because of lack of manpower and now lack of gas for the patrol cars. And Biden and his admin just don’t know how to fix it or they refuse to fix it.

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