Michigan militia members say they won't allow police to arrest 77-year-old


So it’s perfectly ok for him to starve to death, just so long as he doesn’t get C19?


So, what exactly is he supposed to do then to put groceries on the table, pay his utilities and such? You deny him unemployment, from what I am seeing he is not getting the Corvid 19 Stimulus checks. What option does he have? Hell Governor, maybe you could cut him a check to live on for next few weeks or ask one of your generous Democratic donors to donate some money to him.

It would cost a helluva lot less in the long run. But no let’s make an example of the guy that has fallen through the cracks in the social safety net.

Michigan Home Guard was behind this, and I’m proud to be a member! To continue this story, this morning a Judge ruled in favor of Mr Manke and his barbershop! He’s allowed to continue and this paved the way for other businesses to open. Today the Constitution prevailed!

(The media keeps calling us the Michigan Militia, we’re A Michigan Militia not THE Michigan Militia. There’s an important difference!.)


People with guaranteed paychecks should not be denying money to those that have to work to get paid. It is easy to say stay closed when you don’t have to worry about paying bills. Guarantee if some of these politicians had their paychecks stopped until the pandemic was ‘over’, things would open up a lot sooner.


You wouldn’t believe everyone who thinks this was a political stunt. The guy literally told a few friends to spread the word for him. Then after several days of being open the news showed up and it went haywire.

I would imagine Nessel and Whitmer will be going after his license next since the judge refused to grant the cease and desist order without a hearing. There have been three gofundme accounts set up to help Karl with his legal fees and he’s willing to fight all the way to the Supreme Court
I’m curious as to how many cases Whitmer can actually fight in the Supreme Court at one time. Our Legislators have sued over her overstepping her authority, Karl is sueing, there are others sueing. It’s going to be a ride…

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Our Virginia governor has two lawsuits, and due to another Executive Order today may be facing a third. Good on *A* Michigan Militia for standing up for this man.

An update on this:

Governor Whitmer and AG Nessel decided they didn’t want to deal with this in court, so they had LARA (Michigan’s board of licensing affairs) suspend Mr Manke’s license.

Governor Whitmer has now managed to circumvent both the Legislative branch and now the judicial branch of government. This is beyond ridiculous.


Did they remove the charges they were going to arrest him with? Or are those still floating around?


I am literally at a loss for words.

They’re still floating around. In the hearing Mr Manke had (over the citations and request to have the courts force him to stop) the judge ruled more information was needed. The judge wanted the state to actually make it’s arguments.

I’ve been watching what’s going on in my neighboring state of Michigan, and saw this:


He needs a big “Come and Take It!” flag with a pair of clippers instead of a cannon.


  1. Personally, I think Governor Whitmer reach has exceeded her grasp.

  2. This is why I think Officer Anderson’s video was so powerful and topical. At this minute, all across the country, LEO are enforcing these kind of orders.

  3. At some point, there has to be some sort of compassion. The original barber, they closed his business, denied him unemployment. Just how far do they think one $1200 stimulus check goes when it comes to feeding yourself.

  4. I’ve been extremely fastidious about social distancing and wearing a mask. There is alot of conflicting information about Covid 19 out. I read an article saying hemp with high levels of CBD may be a future tool in fighting. So how do you tell the right from the wrong.

  1. I am personally ashamed of that officer ticketing that young woman.

  2. I live in constant pain from all of the accumulated damage to my body. Got the bends twice, Check. Severe all over body Arthritis, Check. Crushed my spine from L1-S2, Check. Both SI joints fused, Check. Two hips replaced, Check. Compromised immune system, Check. No thyroid, and have a rare medical condition where enough stress untreated long enough can quite literally kill me, Check. Despite all of the above my pain management Dr. required me to come into his clinic for an examination instead of teleconferencing. I don’t think getting my hair cut is nearly as intimate an act as getting a full body exam from my Dr. is.

  3. I know. If both the hairstylist and the person getting their haircut are practicing good hygiene through cleaning everything they touch and are both wearing masks. Its their lives.

One last commentary, when Aids/HIV was at it’s height in the 80’s we didn’t have the police going door to door making sure everyone was practicing safety. At some point this becomes about risk mitigation and risk assessment.

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Governor Whitmer is currently in Traverse City (“Up North” which she just relaxed restrictions on) partying and celebrating her daughters graduation.
Despite the “pandemic” and despite her administration being responsible for tens of thousands of displaced flood victims.

My thoughts are that Michigan isn’t going to put up with this BS much longer! There are a TON of very VERY angry people right now.