Michael Bloomberg putting serious $$ into individual votes

Not even trying to hide the fact that they are trying to buy the election in Florida. Michael Bloomberg paid the fines of 32,000 convicted felons to have their voting rights restored in time to vote for the 2020 election.



Money talks bull :poop: walks. They all have their hands in each others pockets, no matter which side their on. :angry:


Sad but true.


I almost typed “unbelievable!” then I realized it was Bloomberg. The man has no rock bottom.


Only black and hispanic. He’s a racist of the worst kind.


Sadly the Dems have derailed this Country for the last 4 years with the RUSSIA, RUSSIA stupidity, and the Trump was involved in election interference non sense.

Its the Dems and libs that are actually trying to colluded or interfere in the election. First they want illegals to vote, then they don’t want you to have to have a valid ID to vote, next not only do they want felons to vote but they are literally bribing felons to vote for Biden by paying off their fines. Sadly they don’t stop there they want to do away with electoral college, and allow anyone to vote by mail, without even having proof of who the voter is?

This is being done by a party that was proven to have interfered in the 2016 Dem primary cheating Bernie Sanders (Debbie the DNC chair had to step down) out of a possible nomination. Then Clinton and the DNC paid for the Steele Dossier to discredit Trump to throw the election. Obama was told in 13-15 by several Republicans that Russia would try to interfere in the election and he literally did nothing. And who could forget the Black Panthers at polling sites during the Obama years, and nothing was ever done about any of this.

Yet today, the Dems and liberals are still allowed to cry election interference is happening due to Trump when all evidence points to Dem interference.

I hope you my fellow Americans will get out and vote and encourage anyone who would vote Trump to vote, and enlighten those who would vote Biden about who is actually trying to interfere in the election, as we all know they will not get this from their news sources!


It was reported on my local NBC news affiliate that a criminal probe HAS been started. Hope they find this bastard guilty, and publicly hang him (sadly, castration would be wasted effort… the egotistical ass [hey, the Democrat icon IS a donkey, after all!] has already reproduced). Too late.


A bit more info… He is only making the offer to blacks and hispanics… That tells all…

Black or Latino voters who were already registered to vote, with outstanding fines of less than $1,500, were eligible for the race-based payback initiative, according to Axios and The Washington Post , which first reported Mr Bloomberg’s $16.1m fundraising.==

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I guess he forgot that paying felons for their vote is considered a felony. eh…who cares right? not like anyone will prosecute him…unfortunately.

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I don’t see charges filed either. This will be declared a “social justice” initiative.

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How much money did he spend on his own short lived campaign? I could very well be is that all the money he has thrown at the Dems will in the end not get him anywhere he wants to be. But still keep an eye on him money can sometimes buy all the wrong people.

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He spent hundreds of millions of dollars on his own campaign. All of those dollars also helped downstream Democratic candidates. And that’s not counting his personal PACs like Everytown for Gun Safety.

Mr. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, poured more than $500 million into television advertising and $100 million on digital ads during the course of his roughly 100-day campaign, according to a new filing made Friday with the Federal Election Commission. He spent tens of millions of dollars more on a raft of media consultants, pollsters and digital strategists, the filing showed.

That adds up to approximately $17 million per day — the entire budget of some presidential candidates.

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