Metal Detectors at Schools - Are They Racist?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. The silly machine doesn’t care WHO it cares about WHAT. I have to ask myself, what good will this do? What says the kids won’t just walk through and keep going? What stops them from shooting the machine operator? How about the parking lot or the football field? I 100% support safety and security at school, Hell my son went to one of the schools on the list and yes there are strapped gang bangers in those buildings. So go ahead, put them in but my guess is they’ll do little to solve the problem.


I laughed so hard as I was reading this, at the sheer madness of these sorry excuses for “educators” and their thought process. No wonder public schools are a mess and gang-infested cesspools. At taxpayers’ expense, mind you!

This cant last long. Either these vermin camouflaging as educators are gone, or the whole public school system in their control festers and collapses, and parallel school system arises.


the detectors are ‘‘racest’’ if they can detect skin pigment :grinning:


Ashley Anderson and Mohamed Baayd. These two should have been fired on the spot. :roll_eyes:


So who is the racist in this story? Are Ashley Anderson and Mohamed Baaayd saying that only students of color carry weapons into school? Are they saying that if students of color can’t have their weapons that they feel unsafe? Why ? What color are the students of color? Normal skin pigmentation comes in a vast variety of brown. From very light (pale), to a very dark tone. Why do these people think that one shade should be treated differently than another shade? Why do liberals judge people based on the shade of their skin? Am I asking too many questions? So many questions and so few answers.


Tell me you’re a racist without
telling me you’re a racist.


Basically that’s what they’re doing. I think that the real racist is the one that calls others a racist.


A racist is a person that sees people for what race they are and not as another person. The racist is the person not the act of being a racist. Technology can not be racist. Only the person creating it or applying it.


To my knowledge there is no data to back up any of this. Honestly I doubt they find 10 guns on high school campuses a year, if it’s more we don’t hear about it.


The gangbangers will steal the machine!


Depends where. Palm Beach co. FL - about 10 students expelled on weapon charges this year so far. This is what school administrators and RSOs did find!

Same people who argue against equal discipline for students, who want no child gangster left behind, now dont want metal detectors. Heavens forbid, young thugs dont feel the love and belonging in school.


"District spokeswoman Yándary NITwiT said the district is including its social-emotional learning team — a team of specialists working in conjunction with school counselors to help students develop social and emotional skills — in conversations about the detectors to mitigate the emotional and mental impact the technology may have on students.

“How do these Black Assault Metal defectors make you feel Bobby?”

Oh Jeez Louise! HOME SCHOOLING for every kid! MANDATORY!
Defund Socialist Indoctrinations STAT!
This will be a counrty of scared, scarred adults on paxil and Opiates!
unable to work, Social Security disability (MENTAL) since (18) !

DUCK THIS! I am glad my bones will be dust before they come of age to vote!



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Not very mature I know but this will be the “SICKEST” generation, Misfits, freaks and confused
Shopping mall/School shooters!


I war referring to the school district in the article. I can think of 2 or 3 last year and 1 so far this year.


That’s their plan.

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People worried that metal detectors impact minority groups? How about people worrying that metal detectors, staffed by armed government employees violate the 4th Amendment? But, as everyone knows, the illusion of security creates an exception to our Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Here’s the text of the no-longer applicable 4th Amendment for those historians who may wish to refer to it:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”


This is why private schools are being built like crazy. None of the CRT shite, usually teachers are held accountable and your kid gets a better education. Send your kid to a public school and he graduates with a 4th grade education and no critical thinking skills.


I was a tech writer for 20 years. I was told when I started write for a person with a 9th grade education. When I had to quit it seemed like I was writing for a fourth grader. You had to literally tell them step by step and hold their hand. I started getting change requests for something like: drill (5) QTR inch holes (1) inch apart from STA X to STA Y. The new hires couldn’t do it.


Do not use toaster in bathtub. :grinning: