MESH: Strengthen Kid’s Mental Health Through Play  Wednesday, Feb 15th,...


This look interesting to me. I heard it on NPR I think people who are not on board will lose out. It seems like our political differences are affecting our children.

Fixed it

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I’m not sure I would trust NPR… or anything they tout…

looked but it doesn’t exactly explain what it is?


I know what you mean but even a broken clock is righ twice a day. Given the mental state of America…. The fact they used the word resilient attracted me.

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IMHO the schools are mostly the cause???

perhaps home schooling is in order?


We need the strength of the TRADITIONAL AMERICAN FAMILY!
However that’s a ship that’s sailed! Too much crap has changed!
College students cheering for genocide? That’s beyond fixing! It will also span at least the next two generations!
I look back to Woodstock, the changes that were brought about, there were no mass killings, barring the strange things that occurred in Viet Nam, sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. No where near as deadly as today’s generation!


I think the country is in an emotional crisis, and the only way out is resilience to the emotions. Emotional parents are going to teach their kids to be emotional. The country needs to look at things rationally.


That’s a tough nut to crack!


much of what is taught in our schools to young people now is on a emotional base…

higher learning is a big super bad for that.

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I can fix just about anything worth fixing.I have been called MacGyver a time or two. It takes determination, willpower, and no how. A lot of prayer helps.

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