Merry Christmas to all and especially the bird hunters

Sitting down for that last cup of coffee, while the admiral(Ann) and the Bitsy dog are still sound asleep gives a old man some time to think back. If you’re a bird hunter and a very fortunate one you remember that special dog and the bond you shared.
It does not matter if you are a quail, pheasant, grouse, duck, or whatever bird hunter you might be. It does not matter the breed of dog be it setter, lab, pointer, or spaniel. If the good lord allowed you to share time with that one special dog you are indeed a very rich and fortunate person.
My partner was a English Setter was all hunter in the woods and all loving companion in the house. She craved my attention indoors, waited at the door for me to come home, slept at my feet or against my back at night. In the field she would hunt where my hand signals directed her while knowning far better than I where the next covey was hiding.
She would would stay on point until I released her. She would not shame me with disgusted looks when I failed to drop a single bird from that covey she had pinned down for me. When I managed to uphold my end of the job and drop a bird or two she would hunt “dead” until all birds were found and brought to me.
Shiloh “Blue” Tide was ever excited and ready to hunt. She would grab my hand and drag me to where her hunting collar was hung, then to my closet for my hunting clothes and boots, then lastly to the gun closet for our tools. She sat next to me at full attention on the ride to the field and then slept with her head in my lap on the way home. When it came time for me to dress out the days birds she wanted me to throw each one for her to retrieve one last time before I cleaned it.
Blue was a better dog than I deserved. I believe the good lord put her with me to teach me and improve my rough character of youth. Now that I’m pretty deep in the winter of my time I’m able to smile at the results and ignore the rougher periods. I look forward to joining my “Blue” in the fields again when my time comes. I once read the it is indeed a fortunate man who gets a great bird dog and a great wife in his life. The good lord certainly blessed me.
Merry Christmas everyone.



Lovely post. It made me think about the many wonderful dogs I have been blessed with.


Wonderful post. Thank you very much for sharing that with us. God bless you.


Thanks for sharing. Nicest piece I’ve read in quite some time.


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