Memorable failures

Just wondering if people have some memorable gun failures to share.

I don’t have any yet but my father had his 30-06 semi-auto go full auto on him. Luckily he was just sighting it in and only had three rounds in it and sitting on sandbags.

I also had a buddy who put a flash enhancer on a pistol he had converted to look like an MP-5. It came off and went flying down the range.


One of my husband’s rifles, I don’t remember which one, started firing 3 or 4 round bursts on random trigger pulls :face_with_raised_eyebrow: definitely not as intended.

And one day he came home from the range with a face full of cat scratches… had a breach explode and turn the wood stock into a hundred fast-moving attack-toothpicks. The stock looked like a wood bristle brush at the breach end. :dizzy_face:

My story is considerably shorter and likely shared by many if not most long-range shooters… Not so much failure of equipment, but of the shooter. Seeking a clear view down my scope, firing, and having a brand new circular ring imprint around the top of my eye.

Oh, but I have shot a shotgun which needed its barrel lock r&r’d.


I’ve got a little scar in my right eyebrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Springfield xd when they first went to m. The second round would fail to feed in 5 different magazines every time. That was a 40

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:astonished: :scream: yikes!!

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Back around 1978, I had bought another 44 magnum…not a Ruger or S&W…and my cousin and I were sitting on a bank on a logging trail firing the 44 into the opposite bank. I had fired 12 rounds, and Jimmy asked to shot. The revolver was already loaded, and I handed it properly to him. He took aim and thumbed back the hammer. I don’t know if I heard something or I just moved that fast, but as he pulled the hammer into cocked position I reached over and caught that big cylinder as it fell out of the frame.
Jimmy’s eyes looked like vanilla moon pies. He said, “You know what would have happened if the cylinder had stayed in and I pulled the trigger?”
Of course it had just stayed in the frame while I pulled the trigger on 12 rounds. Imagine. Good timing God!

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